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LawLogix I-9 Remediation

LawLogix I-9 remediation is a full-service solution that eliminates worksite compliance risk from error-prone historical I-9s stored electronically and on paper. Achieving complete worksite compliance requires identification and correction of each error on every historical I-9. Your organization can manually review and correct each I-9, or we can work with your team to complete the remediation of errors on your behalf.

Why LawLogix Remediation

The LawLogix Remediation staff is the country’s leading organization on I-9 remediation. Having corrected historical I-9s at Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S., there is no other team more knowledgeable on I-9s and worksite compliance. Our experience translates into lower costs and less time for remediation, not to mention increased accuracy.

Use LawLogix I-9 Remediation For All of Your Historical I-9s

With more than 76% of all paper I-9s having at least one error, your historical I-9s are your single biggest risk as an organization. Guardian can help you convert and correct historical I-9s through a data migration process. We’ve migrated over 10 million I-9s to the Guardian platform, and can help you too.

Included in this service:

  • Secure and Convenient Transfer of Your Electronic Historical I-9 Data
  • Data Transcription Ensures I-9 Accuracy and Integrity
  • Error Checking Identifies Potential I-9 and E-Verify Issues
  • Correction of Paper and Electronic I-9s

LawLogix Helps Your Organization Get Compliant

Ensuring all of your new I-9s are created and tracked inside of a compliant I-9 solution only addresses a portion of your overall compliance risk. The path to 100% compliance requires purging and correction of all of those paper I-9s you have stored away in filing cabinets.