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Why I’m Excited about AILA National in Nashville TN!

[Editor Note: This article is courtesy of our guest blogger Randall Caudle of the Law Office of Randall Caudle.  Mr. Caudle is a finalist for the Annual Conference 180 (AC180) Social Media Competition sponsored by AILA. You may follow him on Twitter at @randallcaudle.]


1. I actually like country music! (This is very likely due to the fact that my mom was a professional country musician)

2. I get to speak on using social media in your immigration practice (I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, & Google+ in my practice every day and look forward to telling people all of the various ways social media can be used to their advantage).

3. I get to learn about a variety of specialty areas of immigration law at the re-built Opryland Hotel & Resort. (The original Opryland Hotel was flooded in the May 2010 Nashville floods and has just recently re-opened. I have visited the old Opryland Hotel and it was very impressive. The Opryland Hotel & Resort is also the largest non-Casino hotel in the U.S. outside of Las Vegas.)

4. I can see Shrek, Kung Fu Panda & the characters from Madagascar at the Opryland Hotel & Resort. (My kids love the Dreamworks movies and characters. Do not tell anyone but so do I!)

5. I get to visit the Grand Ole (not old!) Opry & learn about country music history  (The AILA President’s Reception – congratulations to incoming AILA National President Laura Lichter!, the AILA Awards Ceremony & the AILA Talent Show will all be at the Grand Ole Opry on Thursday night)

6. I get to see the AILA Immigration Film Festival for a list of 10 immigration movies, including Fast Food Nation.  (Bet you did not consider this movie an immigration flick!) (Personally, Machete is my favorite immigration movie, but this is a discussion for another time!)

7. I get to see a lot of my immigration attorney friends from around the country.  Every time I go to an AILA conference, I make new friends and extend my network of experts on all the different niche areas in immigration law.

8. Since I represent a lot of couples in marriage to U.S. Citizen green card cases, I am looking forward to the panel on “A future without DOMA”. (Since I practice in San Francisco, a future without DOMA would potentially increase my clients significantly as well.)

9. I am also looking forward to the panel “An Ethics Honky Tonk Jam Session”. (Family immigration ethical issues presented in an entertaining way by some of the best immigration attorneys I know.)

10. The “Adjustment of Status for the Atypical Immigrant Panel”, since I seem to have a lot of these not so typical cases lately. (I always pick up information at AILA conferences that I can immediately incorporate into my pending cases.)

11. The “50 Hot Technology Tips in 60 minutes” panel with AILA National Director of Practice & Professionalism & Tech Guru Reid Trautz. (I especially look forward to finding out if I am smarter than my smart phone!)

12. The “Truly Mobile Law Practice: Tools & Technology to help you be productive from almost anywhere” (I want to learn how to run my practice from Cabo San Lucas!)

13. The “How to Take Your Office Paperless” panel. (If my office is in the cloud, I can practice from Cabo, Tahoe or Rio!)

14. AILALink training (Since our office goal is to go paperless, this will definitely help.)

15. The PERM panels. (Just kidding!)

16. The federal government open forums (I always get useful information from these open forums. There is hidden info in what the government is not telling you.)

17. The “Advanced Student Visa Issues” panel. (Since I represent a major university and have been an adjunct professor at 2 other universities, I find these issues very interesting.)

18. The “I’m Going to Graceland…at Least I Hope So: Born Abroad Panel”. (I look forward to learning a lot about citizenship of people born outside the U.S. at this panel.)

19. Hanging out at Nashville bars with my immigration attorney friends. (Since I plan to open up a sports bar at some point in the future, this is research!)

20. After hanging out in bars, getting to ride in a Nashville police car (my nephew is a Nashville police officer!)