Taking the Leap: Successfully Implementing An Electronic Case Management System

Today’s technologies are advancing so much that most immigration practices have transitioned from paper file management to an electronic case management solution. Filing dates, reminders, getting paid, and managing files and documents in a secure database has never been easier.

If it all seems so simple, what are the secret factors accomplished firms are using to make the implementation so successful?

Join us for this exclusive opportunity to hear from others who have taken the leap to sophisticated electronic immigration case management solutions and how they are using them to boost profitability and better manage their practice.

View this session to learn:

  • 4 little-known factors that affect a successful implementation and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Why a good case management system is more that just a forms program
  • What business challenges and issues cause firms to look at case management solutions
  • What are some of the key features and capabilities someone should have on their list when looking for a new solution
  • Is your organization is ready to transition, plus how to implement successfully

Who Should Attend?

  • Immigration Attorneys considering transitioning to a new case management system
  • Attorneys considering expanding into an Immigration practice
  • Immigration Attorneys considering transitioning from paper to electronic

Ann Cun

Counsel, LawLogix Group Inc.

Kirby Gambling Joseph

Joseph Law Firm P.C.

Jeff D. Joseph

Senior Partner, Joseph Law Firm P.C.

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