Key Tactics and Strategies in Preparing for an I-9 Audit

The Department of Justice recently announced that a leading technology consulting company had agreed to a $34 million settlement, which represents the largest I-9 and immigration fine ever assessed by a government agency. In light of this record penalty, employers across the U.S. should carefully review their own I-9 practices and procedures to ensure compliance with constantly changing rules.

To help you prepare, LawLogix invites you to attend a free webinar on I-9 audits, featuring Amy Peck, a partner at the law firm of Jackson Lewis LLP, and Elizabeth Shelly, a Global Human Resource professional from T. Rowe Price. The webinar will be moderated by John Fay, General Counsel & VP of product development at LawLogix Group Inc.

This webinar is ideal for legal, HR and front-line managers responsible for I-9 compliance. It will provide insights into the latest Form I-9 auditing trends, tips on how to get your I-9 house in order, and a discussion of how an electronic I-9 system can facilitate overall compliance.

Who Should Watch

  • Human Resource Professionals and/or Managers in charge of I-9 Compliance
  • C-Level Executives in charge of I-9 Compliance
  • Government Agencies involved in I-9 Form Revisions

You’ll walk away from this webinar with:

  • Knowledge of the basic I-9 risks from the top down
  • An understanding of the different types of I-9 errors
  • Best practices for correcting errors on paper I-9s
  • Form I-9 auditing resources and electronic tools for achieving compliance
Duration: 60 Minutes
Location: Online
Amy Peck, Partner

Jackson Lewis LLP, Omaha Office

Elizabeth Shelly

Global Human Resources, T. Rowe Price Associates

John Fay

General Counsel & VP of Product Development, LawLogix Group Inc.

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