How the Experts Make the Most of the H-1B Season

The H-1B Cap is upon us. Hopefully your firm is seeing strong interest from your client base and hopefully you are feeling up to the task. Are there any tips or best practices that you might be missing?

LawLogix is pleased to present a free webinar with a distinguished panel of experts who will be sharing the latest intelligence on the FY2015 H-1B quota as well as helpful tips and best practices to help your firm make the most of the H-1B season.

We’ll be featuring two highly respected and experienced immigration attorneys, Marketa Lindt, Partner at Sidley Austin, LLP, in Chicago as well as Ilana Drummond, a Partner with the immigration law firm of Jackson & Hertogs in San Francisco. This webinar will focus on the ways veteran immigration lawyers are taking advantage of this year’s H-1B open season:

  • What kind of H-1B demand are we likely to see this year?
  • Common pitfalls and missed opportunities and how to avoid them
  • Making sure your clients are fully compliant while keeping a frantic pace
  • What systems do you need to have in place to optimize your ability to deliver?
  • H-1B’s all filed; what now?
  • And what about the future? Are we likely to see reform any time soon?

Who Should Watch?

  • Organizations with Internal Immigration Departments
  • Immigration Law Firms
  • Solo Immigration Attorneys
Ilana J. Drummond

Managing Partner, Jackson & Hertogs

Marketa Lindt

Parther, Sidley Austin

Jake Lipman

Special Counsel, LawLogix Group, Inc.

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