Comprehensive Immigration Reform: What the News Won’t Tell You

Congress has been very busy in 2013 discussing the prospects of putting together a bill for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). The Senate’s “Gang of Eight,” a House bipartisan committee on immigration (which may or may not exist), and guidelines from President Obama all hint towards an eminent CIR package soon.

What’s fiction, speculation and actual truth? Who are the movers and shakers in Congress? Which special interest group is advocating for issues that matter to your practice? Where does Congress stand on certain immigration subtopics?

A webinar not to be missed, the American Immigration Council’s Ben Johnson and LawLogix’ Dan Siciliano will give you the inside scoop to developments in Congress and an expert summary of CIR progress.

You’ll Walk Away from this Webinar With:

  • An insider’s guide to CIR developments in Congress
  • Which CIR discussions have succeeded?
  • What is still needed to be done in Congress?
  • What the potential timeline may look like?
  • What to expect in the next six months?

Who Should View?

  • Immigration attorneys
  • BIA representatives
  • Non-profit legal service organizations

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Ben E. Johnson

American Immigration Council

Dan Siciliano

LawLogix Group, Inc

Ann Cun

Counsel, LawLogix Group, Inc

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