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USCIS Releases Official, Revised, New, Two-Page Form I-9

[Updated April 9, 2013]  USCIS announced on March 7, 2013, and made available on March 8, 2013 in the Federal Register, the official, revised Form I-9.  Most employers (and we at LawLogix) have eagerly awaited finalized revisions since May of 2012. Employers are required to use the Form I-9 to verify the identity and the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees hired after November 1986.

The Final Changes to the Form I-9

USCIS has finalized the new form with the following details:

  • New data fields, including employee’s foreign passport information, telephone and email address;
  • Clarifying the form’s instructions; and
  • Revising the layout of the form and expanding it from one to two pages.

Form I-9 Revision Date

The new, revised Form I-9 will contain a revision date of “(Rev. 03/08/13)N.”  Employers should begin using this new form immediately.  (Click here to access the new Form I-9 on USCIS’ website or download the form here.) Employers will have a 60-day grace period, until May 7, 2013, to comply by using the new form.

After On May 7, 2013, employers who fail to use this new form may be subject to penalties imposed under the Immigration and Naturalization Act.  These provisions, as usual, would be enforced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

[Updated March 8, 2013] The M-274 Handbook for Employers is in the process of being updated as well by USCIS in order to correspond to the new Form I-9.  Employers are advised by USCIS to follow instructions on the new Form I-9 until the revised M-274 Handbook for Employers has been updated.

Electronic I-9 System

Fortunately, employers can also utilize this 60-day grace period to ensure their electronic I-9 systems are compliant with the new Form I-9.  If you’re unsure of your current organization’s electronic I-9 system’s compliance, click here to find out how LawLogix’ Guardian I-9 and Electronic System can help get your organization up to speed. Check back often for more real-time updates!

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