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USCIS Issues Alert on E-Verify One-Day Glitch

Last week, USCIS’ E-Verify Division issued the following alert for employers who may have received erroneous tentative nonconfirmations (TNC) for new employees who presented U.S. Passport or Passport Cards for cases processed on October 22, 2013.

If your organization processed E-Verify cases on October 22, 2013, you may have been affected by the technical glitch in the system on that one day.  Please read the alert below for more information:

October 24, 2013

E-Verify Customers,

On October 22, 2013 E-Verify experienced some technical issues. These issues have been resolved. As a result, employees who provided U.S. Passports or Passport Cards were erroneously receiving Tentative Nonconfirmations.

This instruction only applies to cases created on October 22, 2013 for employees that provided a U.S. Passport or Passport Card.  This does not apply to other employees who provided other acceptable document(s) from the List of Acceptable Documents.

If you created a case for an employee who provided a U.S. Passport or Passport Card and received a Tentative Nonconfirmation, close the case as “Invalid because the data entered is incorrect”. You should then create a new case for the employee using the same U.S. Passport or Passport Card information provided for Form I-9.

Additionally, if you were unable to create a case, you should now create a new case for the employee using the same U.S. Passport or Passport Card information provided for Form I-9. If you created the new case on the same day as the technical issue (October 22, 2013), you must close that case as “Invalid because the data entered is incorrect” and create a new case.

If you are prompted to select or enter the reason why the case was not submitted within 3 business days of hire please select “Technical Problems” from the drop-down menu.

You must NOT ask the employee to provide a different document if the document(s) they provided, including the U.S. Passport or Passport Card, appear to be genuine and relate to the individual presenting it. You must NOT request that employees produce more documents than are required by Form I-9 to establish your employee’s identity and employment authorization. Requiring that your employee present new or different documentation could be considered document abuse and is prohibited under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact E-Verify at 888-464-4218. Customer service representatives are available Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5PM local time.  You may also e-mail E-Verify at [email protected].



The E-Verify Team

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