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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Immigration Law Practice

For many immigration practitioners, whether for-profit or non-profit, there are easy ways to get your organization’s name out there in a meaningful way.  Marketing doesn’t have to be costly but at minimum, should be conducted in a smart and consistent manner in order to reap the greatest impact.

1.     Get On the Map

In the olden days, getting listed in the local directory was the first step to enabling clients to find you.  In today’s modern listings, getting listed on an online map is an important first step to ensuring your organization populates in a local search result.  Click on the links below for instructions on how to get listed for each online map site:

2.     Build a Website

The concept of “building” a website can be frightening for many business owners.  Fortunately, there are many tools online that will allow you to quickly build a website by using templates.  There are plenty of free programs online that will allow you to build a website for “free” provided you allow the designer to advertise their services.  Other vendors may charge a basic monthly or annual rate.  If you want a fancy website customized to your taste, be prepared to pay more. The ultimate goal of the website is to allow potential and existing customers to find your business location, hours, ways to contact you, and learn about your services and skills.  Some attorneys will want their websites to reflect their mission and brand.

3.     Online Client Reviews

Attorneys and legal service providers are quickly learning that reviews by clients are an important tool in showcasing your organization’s legal prowess and client skills.  There are sites online devoted exclusive to online reviews of business, including lawyers.  Some attorneys have encouraged clients to leave honest feedback on review websites. Other attorneys have provided client reviews directly on their own websites.

4.     Social Media

The buzz around social media continues today.  While the bar, as a whole, may not have jumped on the bandwagon wholeheartedly, a June report from the American Bar Association (ABA) provided interesting statistics indicating a rise in the use of social networks by attorneys.  The use of LinkedIn by attorneys has drastically risen in the past three years, more so than the use of Facebook.  Twitter has yet to catch on for most attorneys. Social media is a great way to make instant connections to colleagues in immigration, as well as partners in related industries.  It’s also a great way to reach out to existing clients and generate leads for future clients. With comprehensive immigration reform news constantly being updated, social media provides a quick and easy avenue to update clients.

5.     Online Blogs

For the practitioner ready to take a bigger step in marketing, blogging is another means to inform existing clients of important news and to attract new clients.  According to the same June report by the ABA, there are more attorneys, slowly but surely, blogging now than ever before.  This is no surprise because more individuals have greater access to the internet via smartphones, which are essentially hand-held computers with amazing processing capabilities. Blogging is not for the faint-hearted.  It requires regular posts meriting commentary or providing readers with timely or thought-provoking information.  While blogging may not cost much in terms of money, it’s a long-term investment requiring skill, energy, and lots of time.


What other methods of marketing have worked for your organization?  We’d love to hear from you.