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Top 3 Business Tips to Improve Your Immigration Practice (Part 2)

Today’s article continues the discussion on how Immigration Attorneys can improve their practice in ways that are unrelated to substantive legal knowledge.

In Part 1 of our two-part article, we highlighted the Knowledge Bubble as the primary area in which attorneys cultivate their practice.  We also provided tips on cultivating Relationships with clients, staff and vendors.

Financially Savvy

Today, we discuss financial aspects of managing a law organization or firm from a business perspective.  After all, an attorney can be very knowledgeable about the law and find great ways to increase client intake but without the savvy of managing the practical and financial realities of the law office, the practice may ultimately suffer.  Fortunately though, attorneys don’t have to become accountants in order to achieve success.

4. Get Outside Expertise:  One of the most common practice tips I heard from many practitioners is that they hire expert assistance for bookkeeping (or maybe an accountant).  While this may not be an option for some practitioners who are starting out or in the early stages of expansion, getting expert assistance is one of the easiest ways to manage your growing practice’s financial record-keeping (and lessen some headaches).  Entrepreneur Magazine released an article last year on knowing when to hire a bookkeeper (or accountant).

As for projecting growth and assessing income reports, you’ll still want to ensure you actively evaluate your goals and adjust them accordingly.

5. Managing Documents, Contacts and Files:  How are you keeping track of your deadlines and appointments?  How many hours does it take to prepare a certain type of case and does the fee charged for those cases adequately compensate both your and your staff’s time and expertise?  Do you have mechanisms in place that remind you to follow up on past clients and potential future clients?

Successful practitioners actively utilize efficient immigration software designed to help them manage their client cases and life cycles and much more.  While most immigration software on the market allow for basic form-filling functionality, growing practitioners specifically seek more than a forms program.  Is it time you evaluate your organization’s needs?

6. Process Organization:  Another way to ensure your bottom line meets quarterly and annual expectations of funders or partners is to ensure that the office has set protocols for processing cases and activities.  When a retainer is initially paid, what happens afterwards?  Who creates the files?  Where does the file go afterwards?  Who gets to assign staff members on the case file?  Are there separate teams who photocopy and physically assemble documents?  Do clients provide government filing checks? If so, who tracks that information at the time of filing?

You’ll want to ensure that processes are created in a way that makes the most sense for your organization’s efficiency and that staff members understand those processes very clearly.

Want more?  Join us for our webinar tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Time, How to Move Your Case Files Online.  Learn ways to take your office paperless (or at least partially paperless).  We’ll have expert seasoned attorneys provide best practices tips on the financial management of their successful practices. Also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on practice tips and pointers.