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Top 10 Takeaways From I-9 Palooza @ CommunityLIVE 2019

  1. Attendees got the inside scoop on Remote I-9s…and then some.

    Completing remote I-9s (compliantly) is a hot topic for HR professionals. It’s no surprise since, based on a special analysis completed by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, remote work has grown 44% over the last 5 years, 91% over the last 10 years, and an astonishing 159% over the last 12 years. Attendees heard first-hand from Nordstrom, Kellogg and Texas A&M University System, as they discussed processes, policies, and technology they leverage in order to facilitate an efficient and compliant onboarding process of their remote employees. Following the session, the panelists answered a number of off-the- cuff questions including strategies used on how to get executive buy-in as well as tried and true tips for streamlining the remote process.

  2. ICE is ramping-up for additional audits…attendees heard this first-hand.

    A lot of HR professionals have heard the statistics, for instance, in FY2018, ICE opened 6,848 worksite investigations, initiated 5,981 Form I-9 audits, and made 779 criminal and 1,525 administrative worksite-related arrests. But what many haven’t heard, is the lowdown right from ICE itself. At Palooza, attendees had an opportunity to candidly ask their burning questions and interact with representatives from ICE and the DOJ on topics such as: how employers are chosen, the scope of an audit, Employment Compliance Inspection Center (ECIC), how NOIs are served, what to expect and more.

  3. How to migrate pesky paper I-9s to electronic…without the headache.

    Addressing all of those old paper I-9s sitting in file cabinets (and wherever else they may be) seems daunting – we get it. That’s why, during I-9 Palooza, we dedicated a session to breaking down the basics on I-9 remediation. During the informative presentation, attendees heard from Cox Enterprises in a step-by-step approach, on how the company successfully partnered with LawLogix Guardian to complete the remediation process and eliminate historical risk — successfully and stress-free.

  4. Guidelines for responding to an ICE or E-Verify Audit…including what NOT to do.

    When it comes to an ICE audit, there are a lot of “do’s” and “don’ts”. During this session, attendees heard from attorneys from AB Staffing and Sykes as they shared personal experiences with audits, broke down the Form I-9 inspection process, reviewed documents that would be requested, gave an updated and detailed account of what ICE will look for in an electronic I-9 system, explained useful defenses to avoid penalties or fines, and gave tips and tricks to prepare and respond when ICE comes knocking on the door.

  5. Instructions for Drafting an I-9 and E-Verify Policy Document…plus a sample template.

    Attendees learned from Klasko’s worksite compliance group, who provides advice and counseling on I-9, E-Verify, and H-1B Labor Condition Application (LCA) compliance, all about drafting an I-9 and E-Verify policy. The session proved to be a useful “how-to” on getting started on drafting a policy, what to consider, helpful tips and tricks, and a step-by-step approach and framework to follow. Attendees also received a sample template that they can take back to their own organizations and modify as needed.

  6. Live Workshop on Solving I-9 and E-Verify Problems…with tips from the experts.

    When it comes to the Form I-9, commonly known as the most perplexing US Employment form, complete with an intricate array of rules and confusing gray areas, it’s no surprise that employers often find themselves in hot water about how to handle a situation. This interactive workshop session, led by Managing Director of Global Business Advisors and former Managing Counsel of Global Immigration at Tesla, divided attendees into teams and posed actual scenarios faced by employers on topics including: social security no-match letter, new identity, merger and acquisition, and expiring EAD. In this group activity, teams decided how to best handle a situation and then received guidance and tips on whether or not their response was accurate and any considerations that should be made.

  7. Discrimination in the I-9 and E-Verify process…and how to avoid it.

    Federal law requires employers to follow Form I-9 and E-Verify rules consistently, regardless of an employee’s citizenship, immigration status, or national origin. Sometimes though, employers mistakenly misstep in this process and therefore can be subject to violating 8 U.S.C. § 1324b or the E-Verify rules. This session gave attendees the background of IER, an overview of unfair documentary practices, and reviewed a number of common, as well as tricky, example scenarios of what is compliant vs. what is not.

  8. The 4 signs your organization has document management compliance issues…and what to do about it.

    Many times organizations are confident they’re in compliance –until they attended this session. During the presentation attendees learned the 4 (surprisingly common) warning signs of noncompliance. Attendees walked away from this session with a better understanding of how to leverage technology to assist with GDPR, audit, I-9 and retention compliance. As an added bonus, attendees also received a complimentary I-9 and E-Verify policies and procedures template to manage risk and protect the business.

  9. Open forum question and answer session with I-9 experts…including ICE and the DOJ.

    Oftentimes, employers wish they could simply ask ICE or the DOJ the I-9 and E-Verify questions that plague them the most. In this case, that’s exactly what attendees did. For nearly an hour, immigration and I-9 experts, including representatives from ICE and the DOJ, fielded questions from the audience that covered topics such as: industries commonly targeted for audits, what percent of audits result in no fines, IMAGE program in relation to avoiding fines, examples of substantive versus technical or procedural violations, what to do if you suspect a fraudulent document in the I-9 process, steps to take if you realize your I-9 system is non-compliant, importance of digitizing versus scanning, and more.

  10. Mock Family Feud Game Show…plus a baseball game and live concert!

    With a topic as riveting as the Form I-9 and E-Verify, attendees better expect to have some fun too! During the mock (I-9 and E-Verify version) family feud game show, attendees brought their knowledge to the table in a friendly competition with their peers. Aside from the family feud style I-9 battle, attendees had a chance to network with other HR professionals at a number of reception and happy hour events, take in the city sites and enjoy a Cleveland Indians baseball game at Progressive Field, see award-winning dance group iluminate perform, and explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while seeing Third Eye Blind sing their best tunes!

Ready to get-in on the action?  Join us next year at I-9 Palooza @CommunityLIVE 2020, September 15-17, 2020 in Nashville, TN.  Learn more and get notified when registration opens!

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