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Top 10 Reasons to Ditch the In-House Immigration Software for a Cloud-Based One

In the face of rising operating costs and security considerations, many mid to large size law firms and even some non-profit organizations in the last decade have migrated away from internally developed databases to a complete, cloud-based immigration case management solution. Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions have been around for the last two decades but its popularity has been on the rise. Today’s top 10 reasons highlight why organizations have been making the switch:

1. Savings in Time: Most Managing Partners and Directors who have ditched their in-house software have never looked back. Why? A robust case management solution reduces and even eliminates some of those “software development” tasks that frees up time to actually assist more clients with their immigration matters.

2. Savings in Money: Savings in time usually go hand in hand with savings in money. When fewer hours are spent troubleshooting, safeguarding and developing software, more financial resources can be devoted to critical operational expenses (i.e.: better office equipment for the staff, increased marketing and outreach, increased client-focused perks, etc.)

3. No More Updates and Patches: It is nice to not worry about patches or updates to software that sits on your hard drive. With the right immigration case management software, the days of manually updating software are long gone.

4. Improved Interaction with Clients: One of the challenges of developing and managing in-house software systems is ensuring the software meets the evolving needs of clients. The constant development significantly impacts Managing Partners’ and Directors’ focus from client to technology. A robust immigration software can ease this process and allow for improved interactions with clients through technology and other customer focused methods.

5. Ability to Track Progress Efficiently: Tracking multiple levels of service, timelines, deadlines, case progress, and client engagement through accurate and efficient reporting are reasons why mid to large size firms decide to ditch their in-house software.

6. Increased Transparency: When team members are all engaged in one system in different ways, Managing Partners and Directors have greater insight to understanding how well team members are responding to caseloads and other operational issues. A complete case management tool that allows for transparency enables team members to be recognized for a job well done that much faster.

7. Real Time Visibility: When clients are moving at the speed of light, organizations have to keep up. Data that syncs instantaneously and accessible whenever and to whomever an organization designates is key to keeping clients engaged for the long haul.

8. Security/Liability: Security and liability are risks that mid to large size firms and non-profits assume when they develop their own internal software. The cost of securing the infrastructure both physically and digitally is logistically costly and challenging. Leave it to the experts who have a record of security and offers contractual liability coverage. When the right software vendor provides this level of protection, it’s another reason to switch!

9. Partner with Experts: Who are the experts? Mid-size to large firms have switched to a SaaS based system by selecting vendors who have actual immigration experience and a record of award-winning customer service.

10. Freedom: Partnering with experts in the field to manage sensitive data allows organizations the freedom to do more with their staff, clients and business strategies.

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