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Thinking About Social Media? Avoid These Top 5 Social Media Mistakes

Today’s immigration practitioners from community based organizations to large firms to solo attorneys can all benefit from the value of having an online presence. The use of various social media outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to connect to a wider audience and potentially reach new clients is even greater. Venturing into the world of social media can be scary. Avoid these top five mistakes commonly made and you’ll be on your way!

Failing to Be Relevant to Your Target Audience

Finding ways to be relevant to your audience will give you better direction in crafting your social media strategy. In my very early foray with Twitter, I was very intimidated. I wasn’t familiar with the landscape nor did I have any idea who would read my tweets. As I became more comfortable with the rhythm and pace after observing more seasoned tweeters, I developed a better understanding of I wanted my audience to be. As a result, the individuals I follow and the tweets I send cater to that crowd. Read my tweets here.

Poor Internet Etiquette

I’ll admit, we can all be guilty of this on occasion but here are a couple of examples of offenses I’ve observed on the various platforms.

  • Repeated postings to the same forum over a short period of time: While hitting the “send” button more than once is forgivable, repeatedly posting the same message in the same forum multiple times in a week is overkill. Once is enough and anything more (on a consistent basis) will garner you the “spammer” label.
  • While the internet is a bit forgiving when it comes to grammar and spelling errors, keep in mind that professional social media connections should maintain some semblance of authority and professionalism. Copy that appears like it’s been drafted by folks who send “Nigerian Prince” emails should probably be heavily edited for corrections.

Failing to Respond to Comments and Messages

The internet is a beast unto itself. Readers want to make a connection and the most effective means to do so is by leaving comments or sending platform-specific messages. When the opportunity presents itself, provide meaningful responses in kind whenever possible.

Failure to Be Consistent or Consistently Present

Like a newborn baby, interactions on social media require constant contact. Post regularly and post often but be consistent. Your followers, friends and readers will develop expectations over a certain period of time and providing consistency ensures you’ll keep your existing and attract new followers, friends and readers.

Failure to Reflect Your Personality

Regardless of the medium, it’s important to portray an authentic “you.” You are bound to interact with individuals who know you in the “real world.” Providing a consistent personality helps to foster trust in those who you already have a preexisting relationship. Also, your online friends, follower or readers may someday interact with you in person. That real life connection should be a natural extension of your online connection. A consistent personality helps to foster that trust. Want to learn more? Follow LawLogix on Facebook or Twitter. Sign up for our newsletter hereand be alerted on our next immigration practice management webinar!