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Notice of Inspection (NOI) Audit Response Service

Notice of Inspection (NOI) Audit Response Service

As worksite enforcement and Form I-9 audits continue to expand nationwide, employers must plan for the inevitable: a Notice of Inspection (NOI) compelling the employer to produce the Forms I-9 and other related documents for inspection within 3 business days (or 72 hours).

With Guardian, LawLogix staff are here to assist your organization with compiling the necessary documentation the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent will likely need or has requested. ICE often makes several requests when issuing a Notice of Inspection. Please read through this page carefully to access and produce the information needed on the date of the inspection.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the inspection request, we have included target timeframes from the issuance of the NOI to ensure your organization meets the ICE inspection deadline.

How the Response Service Works

Most NOI letters will specify a segment of your overall employee population for an audit, often based on worksite. When working with LawLogix staff, it is important to define only those records subject to the audit in order to produce the needed information as quickly as possible. You must provide LawLogix only associated I-9 Numbers (Step 2) to produce the NOI package.To properly identify your organization’s employee population, access your Guardian portal and run a report (or multiple if necessary) using the following steps:
Creating an I-9 report:

  1. Click on the Reports button in the left hand menu.
  2. In the new screen that appears, select Interactive in the top left corner. Then click on the plus icon that says New under the Reports: Interactive [Mine] header.
  3. The screen will refresh with report settings. Input the following:
    • Report Name – Type in an easy to identify name. (e.g. NOI Audit mm.dd.yy)
    • Base Table – Select I9 from the dropdown menu.
  4. The screen will refresh to show more options. Click on the Columns tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Under Select Table, click on I-9.
  6. Under Select Field, double-click on I-9 Number and ensure it appears under the Build Fields in Report column.
  7. Select Employee under the Tables column.
  8. Double-click on the following items under the second Field Name column:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date Hired
    • Date Terminated
    • Location
    • Business Unit (if applicable)
  9. Click the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen.
  10. The screen will refresh. Select the Settings tab from the top navigation.
  11. In the Settings tab, choose from the following items if applicable to your NOI:
    • If the notice is for a given location, select the specific site from the Location dropdown menu.
    • If the notice is for a given business unit or legal entity, select the appropriate value from the Business Unit dropdown.
    • If the notice is for only active employees, select Status: Current under the Employee dropdown.
    • If notice is for employees hired within a specific time frame, select Date Hired under the Date to Search dropdown, then type in the applicable dates in the From and To fields under the dropdown.
    • If notice is for a group of employees segmented in another way (i.e. custom set group), then select the custom setting as it appears in this screen.
  12. Click the Update Settings button to save these filters.
  13. Click the Run Report Now button.
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It is important to let the LawLogix team know about your NOI as soon as possible so that we can begin working on extracting the appropriate documents. After creating the reports from the above posted steps, simply provide each report name to LawLogix support via the form below and we’ll begin the process.

The NOI response package will include all of the I-9 records identified in the reports provided. Should you or your company need to download and modify the report further, please provide the list of I-9 Numbers to be included in the package. In the description space provided in the form below, include a comma-separated or ‘carriage-returned’ list of I-9 numbers.

The easiest way to provide the I-9 Numbers is to view the report in Excel, highlight the ‘I-9 Number’ column for the applicable rows, right-click and select ‘Copy’, then place your cursor in the ‘Description’ field below, right-click again and select ‘Paste’.

Required Field.
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Upon receiving your report information, the LawLogix team extracts the necessary documents. LawLogix Guardian support will provide your company with a zipped folder that will contain the following information:

  • I-9 Images
  • Supporting Documents
  • I-9 Audit Trails
  • E-Verify Case Details

All of this information will be compiled in a series of PDF files. Each PDF document will contain the I-9 and associated documentation of up to twenty-five (25) employees. The PDF files will be sorted in alphabetical order and titled with the last and first names of the employee data it holds (e.g. Ashland-Carter). This will allow for easy location of employee records.
Within each PDF file, LawLogix combines all documents associated to a given I-9 in the following manner:

  1. Cover page containing the employee name and number of the employee within the export (e.g. #1, #2, #100, etc.).
  2. Either the electronically generated I-9 image or, if paper, the uploaded I-9 document.
  3. Any documents uploaded to the employee’s I-9 documents folder (e.g. supporting documents).
  4. E-Verify case details including the E-Verify case number and result.
  5. The detailed audit trail associated to the creation and update of the I-9 record.

Your export may contain an additional folder titled ‘Encrypted Documents.’ This folder contains any documents that were encrypted (i.e.. password protected) outside of LawLogix Guardian as such documents cannot be merged into the standard PDF file. Any such documents are identified by employee name.

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Download supporting documents
Since your organization utilizes an electronic system for generation and storage of Form I-9s, most auditors request information about the system in use.  Please download the documents provided below and have them on-hand on the date of the inspection.

Note: Some auditor requests your data be delivered by different methods. You should consult with your I-9 auditor to determine exactly how they want to receive the files.