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Taming the Immigration Email Monster

Employment-based Immigration work tends to be fast paced and very demanding. In the corporate setting, the immigration needs of employees are often an add-on to the already full work schedules of busy HR professionals. Your average immigration or global mobility specialist is quite often in the eye of the storm, managing frequent calls and e-mails from employees about the status of their cases as well as new visa sponsorship requests from various departments. This frantic pace then results in a high number of calls and e-mails to counsel for updates, reports and new case initiations. While every practitioner would love to be able to provide personalized one-on-one service for each individual request, this is generally not practical with high case volumes. Most attorneys realize that they best serve their clients by focusing on those questions and needs that require their specialized legal knowledge and ability or where expert counsel is needed due to the complexity of the issue. Saving time for this critical function can be a difficult task without a system in place to support clients’ day-to-day requests in a timely manner. How best can this be accomplished while maintaining a high level of service? Before we tackle that issue, here are some probing questions to consider:

  • Are your corporate client and employees likely to be in multiple time zones, including international or overseas locations?
  • Do the following types of questions form the bulk of your communication with your corporate contacts: case status inquiries, new employee requests, and report requests?
  • Are you relying on e-mail for most of your communication? Including acquiring personally identifiable information (PII)?
  • Do your clients have unique and frequent reporting requests?
  • Would your clients benefit from being able to access or provide information and make requests on their own schedule?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, then it’s time for you to consider using the HR portal in the EDGE case management system! Through the customizable portal in EDGE, you can provide a professional, branded, secure client portal with extensive features for managing your corporate clients’ needs. Your HR clients can configure their own employee reports, view a one-page summary of critical information and case status about an employee, check case status and communicate with your legal team all through a secure encrypted connection. Additionally, your busy HR client can start a customized case request to a group of assigned case managers directly through the site. Employees receive a similar interface, complete with questionnaires for providing critical information about themselves to your team. The goal of online case management tools like EDGE is to supplement and augment your available resources so that you can provide a responsive and comprehensive customer experience to your client. The flexibility to provide needed information and retrieve the latest case status information through a number of different methods empowers your client, reduces anxiety for the employee and ultimately improves client satisfaction. The smart use of these powerful tools permits the busy immigration professional to focus on the high level questions and needs of clients while providing exceptional service at every level. If you are not using these tools or if you have any questions about how to implement this strategy successfully, we can help! Want to learn more about the time saving features within the LawLogix EDGE case management system?  Current EDGE clients can contact Customer Support hereor by calling us at 602-357-4240 ext. 2 for complete details.  New clients interested in learning more about the LawLogix EDGE system can contact us hereor call 602-357-4240 ext. 1.  Also, please visit our website at www.lawlogix.com for general information.

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