Take Back Control

Significantly Reduce or Avoid Denials and RFEs
As a trusted immigration practitioner, your clients rely on you to successfully guide them through the immigration process.

However, the dramatic rise in rates for Request for Evidence (RFE) and denials has left many immigration practitioners across the US grappling with ways to address RFEs in a timely manner, maintain their case success rate, and avoid denials. It’s time to take back control…

Increase Your Success Rate with a Better Case Management System

Opt for a solution that will not only save you hours of headaches, but give you the comprehensive workflows and processes you need to address or avoid RFEs and denials.

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Edge Immigration Case Management
Leading immigration practitioners are turning to LawLogix Edge Immigration Case Management because they need the right tools and processes in order to combat the spike in RFEs and denials, stay ahead of the curve and maintain their success rate:
  • Workflows and processes that reinforce your policies and encourage uniformity.
  • Enhanced final checklists — double and triple checking, so you don’t have to.
  • Taking out the guesswork and accessing the most current forms, every time.
  • Robust reporting, allowing you to spot gaps, trends and opportunities in real-time.


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