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Several California Cities Now Require E-Verify

On Tuesday, the City of Temecula joined a growing number of inland California cities that require employers to use E-Verify. According to news reports, the Temecula city council unanimously approved ordinance #10, which requires all employers in the city to use the E-Verify system to confirm the employment eligibility of new hires.
Under the ordinance, “employer” means any person that is (1) transacting business in the city, (2) employs one or more employees in the city and (3) is required to obtain a business license. Violations of the ordinance could result in the revocation or denial of renewal of a business license certificate. As with many other local ordinances, however, there are no specific monitoring efforts contemplated.
In fact, city council members were quoted as saying that they have no idea how to pay for any enforcement efforts at all. Temecula joins neighboring cities, Lake Elsinore and Menifee (all in Riverside County), that have also recently passed E-Verify ordinances. Menifee’s ordinance inserts the E-Verify requirement into the City’s business license and registration process whereas Lake Elsinore’s ordinance contains similar requirements (and penalties) as Temecula’s new law. According to the various city council minutes, several other California cities are also contemplating a similar E-Verify requirement. As you may recall, Lancaster California (in LA County) passed a similar ordinance that has been in effect since January 1. How many additional state/local laws will we see this year? What effect, if any, will the US Supreme Court’s review of the Arizona E-Verify law have on these ordinances? Stay tuned!

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