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The Shift in Online Learning is Here

In a matter of weeks, educational institutions needed to not only rapidly adapt and provide innovative digital learning solutions, but also modify Form I-9 processes in order to onboard critical teaching staff and abide by important safety measures. Organizations are turning to LawLogix Guardian Form I-9 and E-Verify Software to go electronic, stay compliant, and manage the remote I-9 onboarding for the influx of new hires.

LawLogix Guardian Form I-9 and E-Verify Software

For over 15 years, LawLogix Guardian, an end-to-end electronic I-9 compliance solution that allows for the complete management of the Form I-9, has been helping organizations identify, correct and achieve I-9 compliance, while also streamlining the entire Form I-9 and E-Verify process — including the remote completion of the Form I-9.

In an effort to support the rapid shift in the education market, LawLogix has introduced Remote I-9 Rapid Deployment – a new option that allows organizations to quickly implement Guardian’s specialized, easy-to-use remote hiring tools and workflows in a fraction of the time. 

The solution includes streamlined training and best-practice compliance settings that enable organizations of any size to quickly adopt and implement an electronic I-9 solution, including secure online access for both the new hire and authorized representative.

The result is a compliant, streamlined onboarding process and electronic remote completion of error-free Form I-9s….that are audit-ready now and in the future. 

Remote I-9 Rapid Deployment Key Features
Audit-Ready Now, and in the Future

Compliant now, and in the future, it’s no wonder LawLogix Guardian is trusted by over 50 members of the Fortune 500 and 2 of the world’s largest retail companies.

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