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The Shift in Online Learning is Here

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has significantly impacted how millions of students around the world are educated. This dramatic shift has not only required educational institutions to rapidly adapt and provide innovative digital learning solutions, but also modify Form I-9 processes in order to onboard critical teaching staff and abide by important safety measures.

Align Your Form I-9 Process with the Future of Digital Learning 

Now, more than ever, organizations are turning to LawLogix Guardian Form I-9 and E-Verify Software to go electronic and get up-and-running on specialized Form I-9 and E-Verify tools…in a fraction of the time, so they can be compliant during COVID-19 and beyond. 

One of the best parts?  LawLogix is a division of Hyland Software, the leading content services provider that enables thousands of organizations to focus on what they do best and deliver better experiences to the people they serve. 

LawLogix Guardian Form I-9 and E-Verify Software

For over 15 years, LawLogix Guardian, an end-to-end electronic I-9 compliance solution that allows for the complete management of the Form I-9, has been helping organizations identify, correct and achieve I-9 compliance, while also streamlining the entire Form I-9 and E-Verify process — including the remote completion of the Form I-9.

In an effort to support the rapid shift in the education market, LawLogix has introduced Remote I-9 Rapid Deployment – a new option that allows organizations to quickly implement Guardian’s specialized, easy-to-use remote hiring tools and workflows in a fraction of the time. 

The solution includes streamlined training and best-practice compliance settings that enable organizations of any size to quickly adopt and implement an electronic I-9 solution, including secure online access for both the new hire and authorized representative.

The result is a compliant, streamlined onboarding process and electronic remote completion of error-free Form I-9s….that are audit-ready now and in the future. 

Remote I-9 Rapid Deployment Key Features
  • Enterprise-level application: featuring “best practice” I-9 settings already configured
  • Streamlined video-based training: facilitates learning and adoption
  • Electronic I-9 Process: can be completed anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Error-free I-9 Completion: rule-based algorithms prevent mistakes and omissions
  • Guidance Tips: To ensure the I-9 is filled out correctly the first time, you have the option to provide field level guidance for each Section 1 and Section 2 field.
  • Supporting Documents: upload and retain copies of I-9 identity and employment authorization documents based on your organization’s policy and E-Verify requirements.
  • Electronic signatures: Guardian’s multi-step verification signature complies with DHS rules and enables paperless processing.
  • Forensic Level Audit Trails: All activity, including electronic signatures, are recorded with Guardian’s forensic quality detailed audit trails in accordance with compliance best practices.
  • E-Verify Integration: Guardian automatically submits I-9s to E-Verify (where applicable) and enables electronic signature and retention of required documentation.
  • Specialized “Remote Agent” workflow: Easily designate an authorized representative (e.g., new hire’s friend, neighbor, or family member) to complete Section 2 or Section 3 on your organization’s behalf.
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring: At any stage, progress can be monitored by an internal manager from the Guardian Dashboard.
Audit-Ready Now, and in the Future

Compliant now, and in the future, it’s no wonder LawLogix Guardian is trusted by over 50 members of the Fortune 500 and 2 of the world’s largest retail companies.

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