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How Many I-9s Are Stored Within Your Organization?

Did you know more than half of all paper I-9s have at least one error? Guardian eliminates your audit risk by converting historical paper I-9 records into electronic I-9 records and stores them in the Guardian system for central management. In Guardian, HR managers can easily track and manage pending I-9s, new employees without I-9s, pending re-verifications and much more.

Benefits of Switching From Paper I-9s to Guardians’ Electronic I-9 Solution:

  • Reduce Your Potential Audit Risk
  • Eliminate Costly Paper I-9s Storage Fees
  • Easily track and manage E-Verify Deadlines
  • Get Electronic Signatures
  • Check errors in real-time on every I-9
  • Access reporting and analytics tools

Switching from paper I-9s to Guardians’ electronic I-9 solution could save your organization hundreds of thousands in potential I-9 audit fines.

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