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Remedy’s Data Migration Features


LawLogix is the leader in security when it comes to worksite compliance, specifically I-9s and I-9 remediation.  Our security practices passed more than 100 different security reviews and multiple onsite privacy assessments from fortune 500 companies, banks, and government entities.

Accurate Scanning

The LawLogix Remedy staff knows exactly what to look for on historical I-9s, and can guarantee accuracy on all scanning and corrections.  LawLogix Remedy resolves every issue on every Form I-9 through a tested, ICE-approved process, thereby eliminating the risk and potential fines and liability currently facing your organization

Data Entry

The LawLogix Remedy staff has perfected the remediation process and can complete amendments faster than any internal company team – resulting in the elimination of risk and liability quickly.  With well-trained data entry staff with specific I-9 experience, rest assured that every I-9 will be entered accurately.

Expert Review

The LawLogix Remedy staff is the country’s leading organization on I-9 remediation.  Having corrected historical I-9s at Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S., there is no other team more knowledgeable, accurate and efficient on I-9s and worksite compliance.

Purging Services

Upon migrating I-9s into Guardian, historical I-9s eligible for purging are immediately identified.  With the click of a button, your organization can purge outdated I-9s and reduce your risk.