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Introducing I-9 Preboard™
Boost efficiency and complete the entire Form I-9 ahead of time.​
If your organization is looking to veer from the traditional path, speed-up the onboarding process and realize a new level of efficiency, I-9 Preboarding may be the solution for you. Woven seamlessly into the Guardian system, I-9 Preboard allows organizations to boost onboarding efficiency and complete the Form I-9 Section 1 and Section 2 for new employees before their first day of hire.

Complete the I-9 ahead of time:

  • A new level of efficiency never before realized with the ability to complete the entire Form I-9 process, compliantly, before the employee’s first day of hire
  • Convenient and flexible providing the new hire with the freedom to choose a verifier who completes section 2 on behalf of the organization
  • Manage reverifications and rely on an automated process to complete remote revertifications electronically, compliantly and on-time

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I-9 Preboard is your one-stop-shop to eliminate your trickiest Form I-9 challenges:

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I-9 Preboard FAQs:
Yes. As stated by USCIS, the law requires that you complete the Form I-9 only when the person actually begins working for pay. However, you may complete the form earlier, as long as the person has been offered and has accepted the job. You may not use the Form I-9 process to screen job applicants or to delay the actual start day of work.
No. As stated by USCIS, The Department of Homeland Security does not require the authorized representative to have specific agreements or other documentation for Form I-9 purposes. That said, I-9 Preboard provides clients with the convenience and flexibility to choose who completes section 2 on behalf of the organization.
Absolutely. LawLogix Guardian clients process thousands of I-9s via I-9 Preboard to complete the I-9 ahead of time or solely for their remote employees.
Yes. Unlike many other I-9 compliance software applications on the market, LawLogix Guardian enables clients to seamlessly complete reverifications electronically, compliantly and on-time – even for remote employees.