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Guardian Protects Against ICE Audits


ICE Agents around the country heavily scrutinize three main components of electronic I-9 providers:

  1. Conservative electronic signatures
  2. Forensic quality level audit trails
  3. User level access privileges

Guardian stands alone as the most compliant and widely acceptable solution by ICE agents across the nation. Here’s how:


Electronic Signature Process

  • A three step verification process includes biographic verification, employee attestation and randomly generated PIN number.
  • The system attaches the signature with the electronic I-9 record and records the date/time and user initials.
  • Guardian offers a printed confirmation of the employee signature if the employee requests a mailed or emailed receipt form (without personally identifiable information).


Forensic Quality Audit Trails

  • The system logs all users, description of the event, date and time it occurred.
  • Guardian’s audit trail is truly immutable (i.e., no change/ deletion of audit trail information can ever be made by any user at any time).
  • For every activity in the system that results in data being added, altered, or deleted, the audit trail is recorded down to the IP address.


User Licenses

  • Every individual that logs into the Guardian system receives a unique login and password so sensitive information is always protected and only available to licensed users with the appropriate privileges.
  • Not only are all users extensively trained in the system but real-time error checking functionality safeguards against I-9 errors or edits.