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E-Verify Management

LawLogix offers a comprehensive Implementation and Consulting service to facilitate your E-Verify enrollment and guide you through the entire process using the Guardian Electronic I-9 and E-Verify system.

LawLogix is a Web Services E-Verify Employer Agent (formerly known as a Designated Agent), providing integrated E-Verify case submission and management through the Guardian Electronic I-9 system. As part of our service, LawLogix will enroll your organization in E-Verify as a client company and provide all of the necessary information and documentation needed to submit E-Verify cases. LawLogix will also provide you with detailed training on E-Verify processes, policies and procedures.

Implementation Services

In addition to enrollment and training, LawLogix will also map-out a tailored implementation strategy, providing you with everything from E-Verify setup and I-9 data conversion to final testing and delivery. The LawLogix Implementation & Consulting team is made up of Attorneys, Account Coordinators, and Business Process Engineers who have been responsible for over 200 client deployments at 3,000+ worksites across the U.S.

We approach every I-9 and E-Verify software implementation from the standpoint of helping organizations implement best business and legal practices to ensure our software meets your critical compliance requirements. The Implementation & Consulting team manages the entire project, working with your internal teams through every step of the implementation.

We will review your overall operations, your locations, the various people and steps currently involved in the completion of I-9s and E-Verify and map that to your various EIN’s to ensure accuracy with E-Verify submissions.