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Guardian's Enhanced Employee Experience

Give your new employee candidates a user experience that meets the demands of today’s job seeker.
A Seamless Experience on any device

Leverage the power of Guardian’s enhanced employee portal to allow candidates to complete the Form I-9 process timely, independently, and on any device or platform.

Configurable Options & Flexible Workflows

With Guardian’s employee portal, the candidate is guided through the I-9 process.  With on-screen help, access to informational videos, and failsafes that don’t allow the candidate to omit information, rest assured that the government requirement is being fulfilled compliantly. 

With configurable options and flexible workflows, the employee portal can be utilized by traditional ‘onsite’ hires as well as a remote workforce in an interface that supports organizations’ employee-first initiatives. 

All of the features you need:

  • Efficient: Save time during onboarding by pre-processing the Section 1 task independently
  • Compliant: On-screen help, system prompts and informational videos guide the candidate through the process and prevent completion errors
  • Flexible: Guardian’s remote hire solution provides a variety of remote I-9 completion options from allowing the employee to use their own network to scheduling an appointment with a member of the LawLogix verification network, empowering the candidate to complete the entirety of the I-9 ontime and with little direction
  • Secure: Guardian’s configurable employee document capture option securely stores supporting document information within the application, allowing the document verifier to focus attention on completing Section 2 without the need for additional hardware
  • Comprehensive: Independent access to the I-9 task can be enabled for both true remote employees and those who will complete onboarding on-sitel
  • Accessible: Whether the candidate is on his or her phone at Starbucks or sitting in their office at a desktop computer, the I-9 workflow can be completed with ease

Lighten the HR Manager Workload

Ease the burden of HR managers having to handhold every new hire. Guardian’s streamlined workflow guides the candidate through the I-9 and E-Verify process and eliminates the back and forth of emails and phone calls to Hiring Managers. 

Start your Employees off with an experience they will enjoy!