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Forms And Questionnaires

Edge immigration case management has the most updated and easiest-to-use forms and questionnaires for immigration practitioners. With Edge, access the most current version of every form, every time.


All forms are 100% web-based – nothing is written, nothing is manual. We have a team monitoring and managing form revisions and updates, which means form updates are available very quickly within the system without updates or patches. Best of all, from data maps to the correct form fields without redundant data entry.

In addition, Edge supports electronic sharing of forms with HR personnel: any employment-based form can be electronically viewed and approved by HR personnel, making it easy to work with outside counsel, HR and the foreign national.

Lastly, Department of Labor electronic submission is available within Edge.


LawLogix Edge has built-in smart questionnaires to make client intake easier and faster. Questionnaires are available for many processes, and are available in nine languages and are relational to forms. This means that data from questionnaires is automatically populated within forms, reducing errors and data entry time.