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Migrating Your Data is Easy.

Afraid of making the switch to LawLogix Edge because you’re dreading data migration? Don’t be.

Your data is incredibly valuable, and we understand that. That’s why, no matter how messy, complicated or imperfect your data may be, we are dedicated to assisting your organization through a successful data migration into LawLogix Edge.

With almost twenty years of experience in migrating immigration case data, LawLogix provides a best in-class solution to ensure your data is intact, secure and easily accessible, no matter which vendor you are migrating from. Plus, the LawLogix team is with you every step of the way.

Follow our easy checklist and get up-and-running on LawLogix Edge in no time:

1Request your data backup from your current vendor, and upload your data to our secure site.
2Hop-on on a brief phone call to discuss how you use your current system.
3Let LawLogix get to work migrating and mapping your data!
4Schedule a final show-and-tell. This is your chance to test out the system – with no risk!
5Get trained and go-live on your new Edge Immigration Case Management software – we know you’re going to love it.