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LawLogix understands that every organization has unique needs and requirements when managing their caseload. The new Edge value options allow you to choose the best package for your organizations business goals and client service requirements.

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Edge Pricing Options


per case

Just getting started in immigration? The Starter plans provides the essential tools you need to manager your immigration caseload from end-to-end.
  • Up-to-date Forms
  • Standard Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Questionnaires


per case

Specifically designed for the medium to large size organizations that are focused on efficiency, growth and streamlining workflows.

  • Enhanced Activities
  • Bulk Case/ Process Reassignment
  • HR Portal
  • Electronic Filing




per case

Complete case management for your enterprise or large organization.The Premier plan provides the case management tools and benefits you need.

  • RFP and Demo Support
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Sandbox
  • Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Edge provides a truly unique pricing system that is highly beneficial to immigration practitioners. Adding a new matter/case in Edge incurs a one-time case initiation fee for the life of that process. This fee can often be passed along to clients reducing the organization’s investment into the software service to practically zero. 

Designed by legal practitioners for legal practitioners, our pricing structure is the only one in the industry that aligns our goals with your goals. Unlike other case management vendors who charge a large user fee per month no matter how many cases your team creates, our pricing structure allows us to partner with you an align our revenue targets with your revenue targets. We aren’t successful unless you are successful and that’s what sets us apart from any other immigration case management provider on the market.

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Standard Reports (not interactive)
Secure Messaging
US Based Customer Support
Accounts Receivables Module
Unlimited Storage*

Starter Plan Storage Fee is $3.95 per Foreign National Per Year.
Starter Plan Consultation Fee is $9.95 at Case Creation.

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Foreign National Portal
Outlook Plug-in
Reminders and Expiration Tracking
Interactive/Custom Reports
MS Word Integrator
HR Portal
Enhanced Activities
Starter Professional Premier
Bulk Case/Process Reassignment
API/Corporate Data Feeds *
RFP and Demo Support
Periodic Business Reviews
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA)
* API/Corporate Data Feeds are dependent on customer needs and the amount of data.

Core Features Details


All forms are 100% web-based – nothing is written, nothing is manual. We have a team monitoring and managing form revisions and updates, which means form updates are available very quickly within the system without updates or patches. Best of all, from data maps to the correct form fields without redundant data entry.


The customizable dashboard displays the information most important to you in easily configurable widgets. Our intuitive charts and graphs makes it easy to quickly understand exactly where all of your client cases are.

Secure Messaging

Securely communicate and share sensitive information without the use of e-mail through the Sure Messaging system. Messages and attachements are encrypted and automatically stored within the client case file for easy reference.

Simple Billing Module

Easily create invoices, payment plans, manage retainer funds (i.e. – trust accounts/IOTA), and track everything utilizing our best-in-class Account Receivable module.

Unlimited Storage

Upload and store all case documents directly into the case file for easy reference and secure online storage at no additional fee.

Standard Reports (not interactive)

From tracking deadlines to identifying new revenue opportunities to tracking overdue accounts, Edge provides and easy and scalable way to manage the business of immigration work. Our out-of-the-box reports provide access to the real-time data you need when you need it.


Streamline your intake process and easily gather information a specific questionnaire that asks questions designed for each type of immigration benefit your firm handles. Questionnaires are available in different languages.

Customer Support

Quick and convenient support when you need it- US based support via phone, live chat, or email. Our support specialist are trained in immigration best practices and will guide you through time saving workflows to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.


Gather important client information from the very first interaction. Reduce duplicate entry, and retain client information even if firm does not retain them as a client. Utilize consultations as a leads list for future marketing efforts.

Advanced Capabilities Details

Reminders and Expiration Tracking​

Be proactive with your clients- Track, run reports and get reminders of important filing deadlines, expiring dates, and next steps, all in a single view.

Foreign National Portal

Track all of our support tickets including feature request progress, case status updates and much more right from your own client portal.

MS Word Integrator

MS Word Integrator saves you time by providing the ability to create standardized document templates that are able to securely merge client data from Edge. Documents can be created and used to send e-mails, correspondence, cover letters, fee arrangements, etc. Best of all, everything is saved into OnDocs.

Enhanced Activities

Assign, track, report and send communication to specific staff members with our Enhanced Activities. Take advantage of pre-calculated “target dates” that can easily be adjusted, and create “to do” lists for staff members that include all of their activity tasks for their assigned cases.

Custom Reports

If there’s a field for it, you can report on it. Create, build and organize customized reports from Foreign National and process data. Track essential client information, staff productivity, and gain business insights. Export your customized reports as HTML or Excel files.

H.R Portal

Provide your petitioning company employee case status information, important deadlines, completed forms and comprehensive reports access.

Outlook Plug-in

Collaborate and communicate with clients quickly while accessing important e-mail conversations and relevant client case information in one place. This downloadable plug-in allows you to easily save email messages and attachments, directly into a case file, right from Outlook.


E-filing capabilities that enable the firm to easily collect Foreign National information that can be transmitted directly from Edge into government websites such as iCERT and PERM. Currently supporting ETA – 9089, ETA-9035, ETA-9141.

Enterprise Options Details

Bulk Case/Process Reassignment

Need to make a mass case reassignment? Save time, let us complete the reassignment for you.


Up your marketing game and use your own Branded Sandbox for prospective client presentations as well as API testing and system configuration edits.

Periodic Business Reviews

Receive Periodic Business Reviews from your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn how efficiently you are utilizing the system and identify where improvements can be made to gain productivity. Learn about new features, review metrics, and hear best practices.

Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Enterprise Service Level Agreement (ESLA) applies to Premier teir organizations and fetures a custom SLA above and behond the standard LawLogix SLA.

API/Corporate Data Feeds

Eliminate duplicate data entry and synchronize employee case data with Corporate client data by utilizing our APIs and Data Feeds to communicate back and for the between your HRIS system and Edge.

RFP and Demo Support

Let us help you gain new business and retain existing clients by supporting your RFP preparation and partner on potential client system demonstrations. Our system experts can help answer technology and security questions so that you can focus on the legal services provided by your firm.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Improve User experience by centralizing access to Edge services by using Single Sign On (SSO) Services. Put your organization firmly in control of User access and security through implementation of Edge SSO services.

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