Edge Immigration Case Management

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Edge Pricing Options

Gather important client information from the very first interaction. Reduce duplicate entry, and retain client information even if firm does not retain them as a client. Utilize consultations as a leads list for future marketing efforts.

Upload and store all case documents difvrectly into the case file for easy reference and secure online storage at no additional fee.

Provide your petitioning company employee case status information, important deadlines, completed forms and comprehensive reports access.

E-filing capabilities that enable the firm to easily collect Foreign National information that can be transmitted directly from Edge into government websites such as iCERT and PERM. Currently supporting ETA – 9089, ETA-9035, ETA-9141.

Assign, track, report and send communication to specific staff members with our Enhanced Activities. Take advantage of pre-calculated “target dates” that can easily be adjusted, and create “to do” lists for staff members that include all of their activity tasks for their assigned cases.

Need to make a mass case reassignment? Save time, let us complete the reassignment for you.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and synchronize employee case data with Corporate client data by utilizing our APIs and Data Feeds to communicate back and for the between your HRIS system and Edge.

Up your marketing game and use your own Branded Sandbox for prospective client presentations as well as API testing and system configuration edits.

Let us help you gain new business and retain existing clients by supporting your RFP preparation and partner on potential client system demonstrations. Our system experts can help answer technology and security questions so that you can focus on the legal services provided by your firm.

Receive Periodic Business Reviews from your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn how efficiently you are utilizing the system and identify where improvements can be made to gain productivity. Learn about new features, review metrics, and hear best practices.

Improve User experience by centralizing access to Edge services by using Single Sign On (SSO) Services . Put your organization firmly in control of User access and security through implementation of Edge SSO services.

The Enterprise Service Level Agreement (ESLA) applies to Premier teir organizations and fetures a custom SLA above and behond the standard LawLogix SLA.




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