Pennsylvania Considers E-Verify Bills

Today, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives discussed two bills which would require Pennsylvania employers to verify the employment eligibility of contracted public workers and construction workers using the E-Verify system. The chief architect of the bills, State Representative John Galloway, has been advocating these measures for the past two years (see numerous press releases on his web site). House Bill 1502 would require contractors and subcontractors doing business in Pennsylvania to verify their workers’ employment eligibility. New employees would be verified through the E-Verify Program while existing employees would be verified through the Social Security Number Verification Service. Similarly, House Bill 1503 would require the same actions of a construction industry employer (whether or not the work is for a public body or paid for from public funds). Contractors who violate these rules could be barred from state projects or, in the case of private construction work, face forfeiture of state licenses or certifications. The bills also offer protection for whistle-blowers who report construction sites hiring illegal workers. The House is expected to vote on these bills this week (perhaps tomorrow). Stay tuned for more updates!