Partnerships and Integrations

To our valued readers,

Our mission at LawLogix is to keep your organization compliant with the strenuous Form I-9 rules and regulations. As head of the partnerships and alliances division at LawLogix, my mission is to make I-9 compliance as easy as possible through partnerships and integrations with the same systems you’re already using.

We are polling our readers to find out which systems they’re using the most to help us decide on which partnerships to pursue. These polls will typically only be 1 or 2 questions and the results will be published in the following month’s newsletter. Your input will directly contribute to the future of our Partner Network, our integrations and the system overall.

I believe you’ll find the questions straight-forward but if you have any questions on the poll or the partner network overall, please don’t hesitate to reach me at

This first poll is related to your ATS system.

Thank you!
John Schminke


This month’s poll question