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November 2012 DACA Stats and Meeting Invitation

USCIS released updated statistics in connection with requests filed under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals last Friday while concurrently sending out invitations for an upcoming DACA stakeholder meeting to be held Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 11:45 am (EST).

First things first, the USCIS DACA statistics as of November 15, 2012 show a significant increase in requests being submitted to the government particularly in the month of October, ahead of the recent presidential elections. By the looks of the numbers, it’s evident that candidates were concerned enough about the neck-and-neck presidential race to file ahead of the actual election (just in case). To date, USCIS has received 308,935 DACA requests and accepted 298,834 for processing.

The top 10 countries of origin for DACA applications so far remain consistent with statistics released in prior months.

Mexico remains the leading country for DACA candidates, with at least five times more candidates than the next country or origin, El Salvador. An interesting perspective not often discussed is the fiscal aspect of DACA. If USCIS received a filing fee for every request accepted to date (at $465 per request), the revenue generated from DACA requests could be as high as $138 million dollars! (See my projections below.) That’s a lot of revenue for a highly politicized immigration program still in its infancy.


USCIS is also holding a stakeholder meeting on Monday, November 19th at 11:45am (EST) to discuss and provide updates on DACA. We’ll be providing a recap of the call in an updated post. (Please click here to read about the Stakeholder meeting.) Was this article helpful? If so, share it with a friend and subscribe to the Case Management Guru Blog for immigration practice tips and updates.