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Moving Beyond DACA – Immigration DREAMs Get Bigger!

While USCIS Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approvals are steady, the actual numbers of applications have declined during this recent report released in January.  Perhaps potential DACA applicants are waiting for something bigger, something more comprehensive that will ultimately lead to a path to citizenship. The wait may not be so long.  In recent weeks, the press has been eagerly reporting on developments in immigration.

The political climate we currently live in feeds our appetite for more immigration news on a daily basis. In a display of political posturing, both Republican and Democratic leaders have been eager to express views on immigration reform.  The DREAM Act, or some component, has surfaced in recent speeches by Senator Marco Rubio and New York Senators.  Even President Obama, during his inaugural speech yesterday, hinted that “bright young students” should be incorporated into our workforce.

Next month, we’ll hear more concrete details on what the President has in store for a comprehensive immigration package when he addresses Congress in his State of the Union Address. It’s an exciting time to be practicing immigration law because this practice area has the potential to make a significant impact on an individual’s life.  Though, with great power comes great responsibility (according to the great philosopher Voltaire).

So, I ask of our practitioners, how are you ramping up for comprehensive immigration reform?  Are you too moving beyond DACA and preparing yourselves for even more complex immigration cases?  We’ll be following up with a future webinar to help our immigration practitioners to prepare for CIR.

In the meantime, three tips to remember:

Get your case processing organized.

LawLogix can help with the best immigration case management software in the market and immigration practice management training and best practices.

Train and reward your staff members.

How long does it take for staff members to be up-to-speed on case processing?  How efficiently have you leveraged their talents?  Will you have to hire more staff when there is an uptick in case processing?

Beef up your legal expertise.

Does it makes sense to expand into other sub-specialties within immigration law?  If so, how are you obtaining the necessary legal expertise to competently serve your clientele?

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