Managing GDPR in your Immigration Practice

Effective and enforceable as of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive new data protection law that may have a significant impact on your immigration practice. Under the GDPR, law firms and other practitioners must follow very strict and unforgiving rules regarding the collection, storage, and use of personal data of European Union (EU) data subjects. The potential fines are steep, but more importantly, organizations risk reputational damage if they are unprepared for the new GDPR mandate.

Attend this interactive webinar to hear what GDPR is really about, how it can and will affect your immigration practice, and the software tools available to help you become GDPR-compliant.

Topics for discussion during this 60 minute interactive webinar will include:

  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Key players and concepts
  • GDPR impact on immigration practitioners, including real-life scenarios
  • Understanding the legal basis for processing immigration data
  • Critical elements for valid consent
  • Using an immigration case management system to manage GDPR obligations
  • Helpful links and resources

John Fay

VP & General Counsel

Joshua Cisneroz

Associate VP of Product Management

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