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Managing Consultations in the Hopes of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today’s blog is courtesy of our “On the Road” Guru, Kathleen Judd. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (fondly referred to as CIR) has been an unfulfilled promise for years now. We don’t know when it will happen but when it does, we can only imagine the madness for immigration practitioners, large and small.  Are you ready?  Is your staff prepared?  Have you provided them with the tools they need to manage the information overload that is guaranteed to come with immigration reform or even the rumor of reform?  Let me share a great strategy used by several of our most successful non-profit clients to manage potential clients and consultations. Recently, while on the road in Texas, I was pleased to observe a forward-thinking non-profit organization manage the large amount of personal data presented to them on a daily basis.  The executive director explained to me that they experience surges in the number of immigration consultations on their in-take days depending on the local news and/or what is generated from the ever-active CIR rumor mill.  She reported that 80-90% of these consultations result in a ‘no benefit’ determination.  This does not, however, deter her or her team from pursuing these matters.   They charge a small consultation fee, collect the person’s information, record a contact phone number or email, and hope for CIR.

“We feel strongly that every person coming to our organization deserves to have their story heard and history documented.  Right away, we open a ‘Consultation’ process in EDGE allowing us to store foreign national data, create reports (for grant writing), communicate with our clients when/if things change and, most importantly, educate them about the dangers of the unauthorized practice of the law.” “It is our responsibility to be able to handle the number of people coming to our door so they won’t need to walk down the street to the nearest Notario.   Even if we must wait months or years for comprehensive immigration reform, we know our clients’ biographical data, contact information, residential history is immediately accessible . . . we are ready to take action when that day comes!” We salute our diligent and hard working non-profit EDGE clients and recommend this proactive strategy for all “hopeful” immigration practitioners in the field.