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Make an Award-Winning Software Your Best Ally

Distinguishing your immigration law firm is a tricky business. With the internet being a source for many clients to vet out providers, how does an immigration firm distinguish itself?  Grooming your talented staff is one way to start.

In my article on 29 Ways to Love Your Employees (and Get Away With it), I talked about praise and recognition (item 26) as a means of making your employees feel good. (It’s an unscientific truth that happy employees get more work done!) Another way to distinguish your service from competitors is by using the best technology available. Case in point, LawLogix was recently awarded the Silver Stevie Award for 2012 for Best Customer Service Department of the Year in Computer Software. This is the tenth anniversary of the Stevie Awards, an internationally recognized award for sales and customer service. Aside from peer and industry accolade and recognition, it affirms LawLogix’s dedication for delivering consistent service, and nonpareil expertise in the subject matter. (Congrats to the team!)

Now before you dismiss this article for unabashedly praising my co-workers, consider this story about two law firms, A and Z.  All things being equal, both law firms used the same immigration software technology.  Law Firm A had a BIG Client for many years in which it had performed many services on its behalf.  Although it used the same technology as Law Firm Z, Law Firm A managers utilized the software at its bare minimum by simply filling out forms and collecting BIG Client’s data.  (Sound familiar?)

Meanwhile, Law Firm Z took an entirely different approach to using the same case management software.  Not only did Law Firm Z complete forms, it also completed other data fields to track important case milestones and updates.  Moreover, Law Firm Z empowered its clients to use the software as well, thereby reducing the amount of back-and-forth communication. It even ran reports for clients on a regular basis for free as an added value service.  Law Firm Z also obtained training certifications for its staff members and regularly worked with the company’s award-winning Customer Service Department Team to maximize staff expertise in the technology.  Law Firm Z was ready to conquer anything.

One day, Law Firm A’s BIG Client had an internal <<(( shake-up ))>>.  BIG Client’s HR director had left the company and the new HR director was ready to evaluate how well Law Firm A’s services truly were.  The new HR Director had previously used the same case management technology at a previous employer and developed a high level of expertise with that technology.  This new HR Director wanted to implement the same level of standards at BIG Client but discovered Law Firm A’s service offerings were limited.  In fact, Law Firm A could not generate the necessary reports nor did it ever provide BIG Client with portal access, amongst many other things. So, when it came time for a budget review at fiscal year’s end, the new HR Director decided to conduct an RFP to explore alternative immigration service providers.  Law Firm A and Law Firm Z were both invited to respond to the RFP … And so, the story ended with a happy ending.  For whom, might you ask?  Think this story is make-believe?