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LawLogix Streamlines Processing of E-Verify Cases After Government Reopens

New LawLogix Services Assist Clients with Pending TNCs

LawLogix Group, Inc., the leader in I-9 compliance, E-Verify and immigration case management software, announced today that it has successfully streamlined the processing of E-Verify cases that had been pending since the federal government shutdown occurred on October 1st, and has also introduced additional services for clients with pending tentative nonconfirmations (TNCs). LawLogix implemented these important measures for its over 1,600 Guardian clients on the morning of October 17th, when the federal government and E-Verify system resumed operations. LawLogix clients are now processing E-Verify cases for new hires with absolutely no disruption or downtime.

In preparation for the resumption of E-Verify, LawLogix implemented the following application and support-level enhancements based on guidance provided by the USCIS:

  • Dedicated initial E-Verify processing queue for pending cases, which enabled the company to process 1,500 cases an hour to clear out the backlog
  • Failsafe logic to ensure that overdue case submissions would automatically include a note concerning why the case was late
  • Analysis of all pending TNC referrals, including a personalized report listing all employees impacted and automatic calculation of the new date upon which an employee must contact the SSA or DHS to resolve the mismatch


“The federal government shutdown created a huge backlog of E-Verify cases in the Guardian processing queue, as our clients continued to hire new employees during the past 16 days,” said John Fay, who is General Counsel and Vice President of New Product Development at LawLogix. “While the USCIS has provided employers with a grace period for both new cases and TNC referrals, we wanted to ensure that our clients could efficiently and seamlessly process their cases as soon as possible. This is especially important in light of the busy hiring season for many of our retail clients where every minute spent on HR issues can ultimately affect their operations.”

Employers interested in more information on the impact of the federal government shutdown to E-Verify operations should visit LawLogix to view frequently asked questions.

About LawLogix

LawLogix assists millions of people every year through its innovative Electronic I-9 Compliance, E-Verify and immigration case management software. Founded in 2000, LawLogix is a trusted SaaS provider for many prestigious corporations that include one of the world’s top five largest banks, 3M, Pfizer, Aon Corp, Cargill, US Airways, Highmark and McKesson. For more information about LawLogix and our suite of products, visit the LawLogix website at https://www.lawlogix.com.