LawLogix Launches Immigration Case Management Blog

Welcome to “Case Management Guru,” a blog and online community dedicated to helping law firms, non-profits, universities, and companies manage their immigration cases through software and best practices. As most practitioners know, immigration is an extremely complex and frequently changing area of law that requires continuing education, changes in practice, and very long hours at the office. Amidst all of these changes and the day-to-day stress of meeting deadlines, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details (where do I send this G-28…and what’s my deadline for that PERM case again?) with little time spent on maintaining overall efficiency. What you need is someone to provide you with some insights on practice management utilizing technology while also sharing best practices from other practitioners in your field…in other words, what you really need is a Case Management Guru! A Unique Focus on Utilizing Software to Manage your Immigration Practice The Case Management Guru is the first blog of its kind to provide tips, tricks and suggestions for managing an immigration practice utilizing technology. Brought to by LawLogix, the Leader in Immigration Case Management and I-9/E-Verify Compliance Software, our bloggers will write about late-breaking immigration news and developments with a technology twist – each article will explore how you can utilize software to streamline a particular process or step in the wonderful world of immigration practice. In addition to late-breaking news, we’ll also reveal software solutions for those fundamental tasks common to all organizations: keeping track of case deadlines, monitoring key expiration dates, and standardizing your cover letters and forms, to name just a few. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to make it clear that we are a software company with an immigration case management system (which we humbly feel is the best). More importantly though, we’re also a great team of professionals with extensive experience in both immigration and technology – a combination which allows us to quickly understand the challenges of immigration practice and deliver innovative solutions and ideas. If you’re a current client of LawLogix, we hope you’ll use our “wisdom” to get the most out of your system, and perhaps, write a comment or two for others to read. If you’re new to LawLogix, we hope our articles provide some “enlightenment” on how you can better manage your cases with technology…and we’re more than happy to introduce you to our EDGE immigration system with a complimentary VIP demo. Our Case Management Gurus  Joshua Cisneroz is Director of Customer Experience at LawLogix, where he is responsible for initiating all customer experience enhancements as well as the planning and consistent implementation of our immigration case management and I-9 compliance systems. Joshua is passionate about improving customer experience, having pioneered the LawLogix Customer Experience program to focus on client satisfaction and superior service delivery. His knowledge of our immigration and I-9 systems, along with his experienced Customer Support team allows our clients to develop the breadth and depth of knowledge to best use the EDGE case management system in the most effective and efficient way. John Fay is an experienced corporate immigration attorney and I-9/E-Verify blogger with a unique background in designing and advising on case management technology. While practicing immigration in New York City, John designed and managed his firm’s proprietary web-based immigration management system, which featured a fully multilingual interface for international organizations. In his current role, John serves as Vice President of Products and Services and General Counsel at LawLogix, where he is responsible for overseeing product design and functionality while ensuring compliance with rapidly changing immigration rules. Kathleen Judd, our Director of Customer Relations and On-the-Road Guru, has traveled throughout the world, working as an executive coach and trainer, strategic troubleshooter, and managing executive.  Her experiences include time in more than 15 countries with such companies as Samsung Corporation and Anam Corporation.  Kathleen’s life long experience with world travel and executive training makes her the perfect on-the-spot LawLogix client liaison.  For ten years, Kathleen has been at home with most all of our clients as they make the transition into a new system and as they grow into master users of the LawLogix EDGE case management system. Dan Siciliano is a legal scholar and entrepreneur with expertise in corporate governance, corporate finance, and immigration law. Dan is the co-founder of LawLogix Group, Inc., on faculty at Stanford Law School, and serves as the Director of Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance. He is the senior research fellow with the Immigration Policy Center and a frequent commentator on the long-term economic impact of immigration policy and reform. His work has included expert testimony in front of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Mark Yeager is Staff Attorney and Special Projects Manager at LawLogix Group.  He is responsible for reviewing new feature enhancements from a legal practitioner perspective.  In his capacity as Special Projects Manager, Mark also wears several other hats including assisting the training team with client training, serving as an in-house resource for legal questions concerning immigration issues as well as I-9 and E-Verify compliance, and helping clients customize LawLogix software to suit their organization’s particular business needs.  Prior to his position at LawLogix, Mark practiced as an immigration attorney at a major immigration law firm in San Francisco.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pscyhology from Yale University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School. About LawLogixLawLogix is an industry leader in Electronic I-9 Compliance, E-Verify and Immigration Case Management Software. We have a 9-year track record with more than 90,000 world-wide enterprise and law firm users, including U.S. government agencies, banks, Fortune 500 companies, universities and America’s top and fastest growing healthcare providers. LawLogix works with many prestigious corporations (e.g., one of the world’s top five largest banks, 3M, Pfizer, Aon Corp, Cargill, US Airways, Highmark and McKesson) to streamline employee recruiting and on-boarding processes while providing superior employee satisfaction with various HR immigration compliance experiences.