LawLogix Launches I-9 and E-Verify Blog on Electronic Verification and Data Security

LawLogix is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive new blog, devoted to late-breaking I-9 and E-Verify news and best practices from respected experts in the field. Each week we will address those critical issues in employment eligibility compliance that most impact organizations.  Recent government scrutiny and enforcement has increased the importance of this type of compliance. Frequent topics will include E-Verify requirements at both the state and federal level; Form I-9 audit patterns and best practices; and using integrated electronic I-9 and E-Verify software (such as LawLogix’s Guardian system) to streamline the on-boarding process and ensure compliance with frequently changing rules. A Unique Focus on Data Security and Privacy Issues Since we are a software provider, we’ll also cover an area which is near and dear to our hearts, but is often overlooked: data security and best practices for handling sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII). All employers (even those not using electronic I-9 software) need to understand the importance of safeguarding I-9 data in today’s digital age as well as the potential pitfalls when policies and practices are not in place. We understand that data security protocols can often be a complicated (and hence inaccessible) topic, so we’ll present these issues in the clearest way possible to enable you to make more informed decisions. We’re also available anytime to answer some of the more specific (and perhaps technical) questions that you may have about your I-9 and E-Verify security needs. Our Bloggers  Our principal contributor, John Fay, is an experienced corporate immigration attorney and I-9/E-Verify blogger with a unique background in designing and advising on technology for HR compliance. Joining him will be LawLogix co-founder, F. Daniel Siciliano, who is the Faculty Director of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford, on faculty at Stanford Law School, and a frequent speaker on immigration reform and electronic I-9 compliance matters. About LawLogix LawLogix is an industry leader in Electronic I-9 Compliance, E-Verify and Immigration Case Management Software. We have a 9-year track record with more than 90,000 world-wide enterprise and law firm users, including U.S. government agencies, banks, Fortune 500 companies, universities and America’s top and fastest growing healthcare providers. LawLogix works with many prestigious corporations (e.g., one of the world’s top five largest banks, 3M, Pfizer, Aon Corp, Cargill, US Airways, Highmark and McKesson) to streamline employee recruiting and on-boarding processes while providing superior employee satisfaction with various HR immigration compliance experiences.