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LawLogix Edge E-File Extension

Introducing the LawLogix Edge E-File Extension now available for Google Chrome! This new e-file method saves you time allowing you to quickly utilize the extension workflow for your electronic filings.

Available only on the Google Chrome extension store.

This extension allows for data on Edge applications to be populated directly into applications on the Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG). 

  • Quick e-file submissions for the ETA-9035 and ETA-9141
  • Real-time error checking 
  • Easy to install. Just click and go!

The LawLogix Edge E-File Extension now available and does not require anything special to install (except admin rights for some security setups). 

How it Works

1) Open app. Load data to extension.
2) Open corresponding app in FLAG.
3) Populate data from extension to FLAG app.

Extra Features

Real time error triggers!
Multiple Worksites!