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LawLogix Announces Launch of New Employer Compliance Blog

May 26, 2010


PHOENIX, AZ, May 26, 2010– LawLogix has announced the launch of a new employer compliance blog by renowned I-9 and E-Verify blogger, John Fay. The new blog (available at https://www.electronici9.com), will reveal the latest trends in paperless I-9 management as well as late-breaking news on government enforcement and E-Verify practices. Mr. Fay, an experienced immigration attorney with a technical background in compliance systems, has been praised in the blogosphere for his in-depth writing on I-9 and E-Verify issues during the past two years. Fay’s new blog with LawLogix will take this subject to the next level by exploring the unique data security, privacy, and anti-discrimination issues that have arisen with the increased use of E-Verify and electronic I-9 systems. “Over the past few years, the I-9 and E-Verify rules have been changing on a frequent and sometimes daily basis, which has resulted in conflicting information, differing interpretations, and overall confusion,” says Fay, who is now serving as LawLogix Vice President of Products and Services and General Counsel, “my goal will be to harmonize these different views and issues in a style that appeals to HR professionals, IT staff, and counsel alike.”

Dan Siciliano, co-founder and CEO of LawLogix, sees tremendous value in this approach. “It’s been a perfect storm for employers, and so we hope this blog will serve as a beacon (if not a lifesaver) for those seeking clarity on difficult I-9 and E-Verify issues. Employers are now confronted with enforcement initiatives from many government agencies, inconsistent state laws, and the wide-reaching federal contractor rule that can require E-Verify participation throughout the entire organization.”

Brian Taylor, co-founder and Vice-President added, “Mr. Fay is one of the few attorneys in the nation to have simultaneously practiced immigration law while developing a proprietary web-based immigration management system to serve the needs of his firm’s clients. This rare combination of law and systems has served him well in the E-Verify space, where regulatory mandates frequently collide with technology limitations. His insights on news and best practices will be invaluable.” In addition to timely news and best practices, the electronici9.com blog will also feature guest bloggers from respected law firms and organizations that have been at the forefront of this field. Siciliano calls this a win-win scenario for employers and counsel. “With over 3,000 worksites using our I-9 and E-Verify solution, we are fortunate to receive timely and practical insight from a diverse group of companies, universities, and their counsel. We look forward to sharing this information with the public and fostering a collaborative online community of experts in the field.”