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LawLogix Announces I-9 and E-Verify Solutions to Assist AZ Businesses

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 27, 2007

LawLogix, a Phoenix-based leader in immigration case management software and recently named to the 500 Fastest Growing list (August 2007) has released its newest solution, GUARDIAN(sm). The GUARDIAN(sm) system is a federally approved I-9 paperless compliance system with E-Verify integration that will allow a company to easily comply with AZ Bill 2779.

Developed to assist both small business owners and large companies alike, GUARDIAN’s introduction to the market is more than timely. The November 27, 2007 headline in The Arizona Republic read: Rush to Verify Legal Status of Hires Expected. This, of course, refers to Arizona House Bill 2779 that becomes law on January 1, 2008. To date, only a small number of companies have taken the law seriously and taken the necessary steps to comply. Until now, there were few viable alternatives to undertaking the time consuming and arduous task of registering with the Department of Homeland Security which includes taking an online tutorial and passing their Mastery test (regardless of how many times you must take the test to pass). LawLogix has developed the first comprehensive, automated system that allows for error-proof preparation and storage of employers critical I-9 files, comprehensive reporting, and, as an E-Verify designated agent, a simple to use interface to the E-Verify database.

Dan Siciliano, co-founder and CEO of LawLogix and nationally recognized expert on immigration, explains, “I-9s are the only item that are still hand written. Payroll and benefits are no longer done by hand. Why would I-9′s still be done by hand like they did in the 1950′s? Electronic digitally signed I-9s are not only more secure and more consistently error-free than paper, they are also much more efficient!”

Co-Founder Brian Taylor added “With fines for incorrectly completed I-9′s ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per I-9, GUARDIAN(sm) is also a very inexpensive insurance policy against human error in completion of the I-9. Further, GUARDIAN(sm) audit trails and reports help all employers with their ‘good faith defense’ should they ever be audited or subject to an ICE raid. We know that in Arizona, there are certain types of businesses that will absolutely be audited in the next months. As the Arizona Republic article suggests, there is likely to be a ‘rush to verify legal status’ by businesses all across Arizona. LawLogix is poised and ready to handle the rush of businesses needing assistance in complying with the law.”

LawLogix Group, Inc. is a Phoenix based company founded in 2000 with over 35 employees. The company was named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the United States.