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Law Office Management: Billing Clients for Superior Case Management Technology

Recently a new EDGE Immigration Case Management user asked for some tips and strategies on how to distribute system costs more efficiently.  This request persuaded me to reach out to some of our clients and find out how they are successfully passing on technology fees to their clients and effectively reducing their case management system costs to user fees only.   I’d like to share these tips with other new users and any veteran EDGE users who are not passing on case fees. What I heard, loud and clear is that it is nearly impossible to impose a simple fee hike, especially in light of the overall cost-cutting nature in Corporate America as well as today’s competitive legal market.  Instead, our clients focus on the real added value provided to their clients with an always-on comprehensive system.  They report that clients (both FN and HR contacts) seldom object or even ask about this small charge and, in fact, greatly appreciate the time savings (24/7 access to process information), real cost savings (fewer FedEx charges, phone calls, etc.) and added security the on-line interface provides. In addition, our clients have found several successful ways to collect case fees.  Most find it easiest to simply add an item to the invoice.  I’ve seen this charge referred to as ‘E-Status’, ‘On-line Case Status’, 24/7 Electronic Case Status Access, or simply ‘Case Administration Fee’.  Another method is to charge a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the total for ‘Administrative Costs’ to cover the case fee and other miscellaneous costs such as copying. Some law firms present the on-line client access as their own system or refer to it as their ‘Client Accessible Data Vault’.  Remember, our logo is not visible to your clients and we do not object at all to this “white label” approach. And finally, don’t forget that submitting this fee to your client is a great opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) the HR and FN interface to your clients so that they are (a) getting the maximum benefit from the system; (b) utilizing reports for their own metrics (popular in the HR world); and (c) helping you to reduce costs and increase efficiency through the use of questionnaires, document upload, etc.To our non-profit clients . . . I would like to give a big ‘Congrats’ to those of you who as part of their cost management process pass on the case fee and/or include the EDGE security, case management, and reporting capabilities in a ‘technology’ segment in their grant applications. Read what Vanna Slaughter, Division Director, Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc. has to say: “We have found that funders are more likely to give us grant money when they know that we are using (and paying for) a cutting edge case management tool!“ Other NPOs routinely charge a $30-50 consultation fee.  When you do the math, the case fee represents less than .01% of the total cost of an adjustment of status.  Your clients will be happy to pay this knowing that your firm or organization provides 24/7 on-line case status access, a guaranteed reminder system for critical deadlines, and robust data security. They can also be confident that your organization has the right tools to efficiently manage their case and their ongoing needs.

Want to learn more about LawLogix EDGE pricing strategies? Current EDGE clients can contact Customer Support here or by calling us at 602-357-4240 ext. 2. New clients interested in learning more about the LawLogix EDGE system can contact us here or call 602-357-4240 ext. 1. Also, please visit our website at for general information.