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Last Year The Manufacturing Industry Processed Over 1.6 Million I-9s. An Average Of 76% Have At Least 1 Error Resulting In More Than 800,000 Erroneous I-9s. Are Your I-9s In Compliance?

Electronic I-9

Those historical I-9s you have stored away are a huge compliance risk, we can help.

Maximum Security

Our security practices pass more than 100 different security reviews and tests.

E-Verify Made Easy

Guardian provides integrated E-Verify case submission, and management tools.

A.P.I Integration

Guardian seamlessly integrates with virtually any onboarding or all-in-one process.

Remote Hiring

Guardian Remote Verification Network makes remote hiring feel a little closer to home.

Audit Response

We know what ICE is looking for and our trained personnel are ready to work with you.