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Get Instant Visiblity Into Completed I-9s From All Satellite Offices

US Airways resolves its I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Concerns with LawLogix Guardian

“What sold me on Guardian by LawLogix were the reporting capabilities. Through the built-in reporting tool, I can manage our entire I-9 compliance program, easily accessing reports that show which forms need attention and when.”

–Mark P. Godin, Senior Manager, HR Operations Records & Compliance at US Airways

The Challenge

One Fortune 500 company, 75 satellite offices nationwide – US Airways proudly welcomes new employees all across the country every day. But its existing paper I-9 system presented complications. Not only did the Phoenix, Arizona headquarters have limited visibility into completed I-9s, but inconsistencies in form completion flourished from office to office. The result — high error rates.

The Solution

Enter Guardian from LawLogix – the electronic solution to cut errors and I-9 completion and storage issues companywide. With instant visibility into completed I-9s from all satellite offices, Guardian serves as one centralized location for all US Airways I-9 forms. From new employee I-9s entered directly into Guardian to existing paper ones Guardian converts electronically, this single tool makes it easy to view, monitor and manage all completed Form I-9s in one data-rich location.

The Benefits

Less data entry: As the US Airways designated agent for E-Verify, Guardian eliminates duplicate E-Verify data entry.

Less paper I-9 management: Guardian enables US Airways to better manage the disposition and destruction of paper I-9s.

Fast onboarding: Electronic I-9s makes new employee onboarding faster and much more accurate than the paper process.

Robust reporting: Guardian helps HR personnel tightly manage all completed Form I-9s and reporting deadlines.

Improved accuracy: Guardian drastically reduces error rates on newly completed Form I-9s.