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Increasing Organizational Effectiveness in World Relief Spokane

“LawLogix is one of our staples – it’s like food or water – it’s an essential part of running our operation,”

– Jennifer M. Gruver, Managing Attorney, World Relief Spokane

Jennifer Gruver joined the World Relief Spokane Citizenship and Immigration Legal Services Department as Managing Attorney in 2013.  During her first year, office staff managed the immigration caseload through several disparate systems, including an in-house software program, paper files and a critical Excel document that tracked case status and dates.  Staff worked from two different locations, making case management difficult.  Paper files were frequently mailed between offices, which made for costly postage and delays in serving clients.

This system was working and clients were being served, but the system was inefficient, not scalable, and it left the organization exposed to possible professional liability risks.

“The piece-meal system functioned,” said Jennifer.  “But there is high turnover in non-profit organizations, so while the system became navigable work for one person, it became a problem when new people joined.  There was just no consistency, and I knew that we need to systematize our operations.”

Thankfully, with Jennifer’s urging and support, World Relief implemented EDGE case management by LawLogix in the Spokane office in December 2014.  A case management system would allow her staff to work on cases simultaneously from multiple locations.  She also wanted to capture all case notes and documents in one place, which would build a comprehensive information-set on each client.  This is something that her staff could consult during future processes and possible adjustments of status, and it would also create a written record of all communications with clients, limiting professional liability risk.

By February 2015, the efficiency gains realized by using the software to manage their caseload, enabled her office to increase the number of days they were open to the public from two days to three days per week.

In addition, with EDGE, the time required to archive a file was reduced significantly.  Prior to using EDGE, her team would close their office for a week at a time in order to complete case archiving processes.  Now, with EDGE, archiving a file takes minutes.  “Archiving isn’t even a task anymore,” said Jennifer.  “There is nothing to do at the end of a case because everything is already done.”

About LawLogix

Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, LawLogix is the leader in Electronic I-9, E-Verify and Immigration Case Management software. LawLogix’ three flagship SaaS products, Guardian, EDGE and Globetrotter, automate the labor and paper-intensive I-9 and immigration processes for more than 160,000 organizations worldwide. Chosen by Fortune 500 corporations such as 3M, Pfizer, Aon Corp, Cargill, US Airways, Highmark, Cox and McKesson, Guardian, EDGE and Globetrotter help millions of people each year to achieve I-9 and E-Verify compliance and law firms and non-profits to automate their practices. For more information, visit https://www.lawlogix.com.

About World Relief Spokane

World Relief Spokane currently provides refugee resettlement assistance, employment services, micro-enterprise loans, immigration services and works to raise awareness and serve victims of human trafficking. Our work depends heavily on volunteer and church support, both financially and in many practical ways. Our volunteer orientation and refugee simulation program provides invaluable information, training and opportunities for anyone who is looking to work with refugees, victims of human trafficking, or volunteer for a Christian non-profit organization.  For more information, visit https://worldreliefspokane.org/.

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