Immigration Case Mgmt Software for the Greater Good

Those of you who have volunteered, worked at or collaborated with a non-profit or community-based organization or charity will know firsthand the types of challenges budgetary constraints impose. I certainly saw plenty of challenges and inspiring moments. Throughout law school, I volunteered as a translator for a non-profit legal aid organization that provided legal assistance to residents in employment, housing, immigration and other civic issues. There was one immigration attorney for every handful of law school volunteers (including myself). Between the piles of paperwork, the narrow hallways and the flickering fluorescent bulbs sat me and a panicked immigrant confused by the maze of immigration laws. The saving grace was always the calm and composed demeanor of our supervising immigration attorney. He knew the relevant regulations to cite, whether a waiver existed in a particular circumstance and the right resources to refer the immigrant. He also seemed to have a sixth sense about how well received (or not) a case might appear before an immigration judge. He was (and is) a dedicated professional who was truly passionate about helping his community even if he didn’t have the latest technology and tools.

All over the country there were (and are) non-profit immigration attorneys just like this one. In the for-profit world, technology is sometimes erroneously viewed as a luxury even though it is necessitated by organization and productivity. In reality, the tools that increase productivity and allow users to provide a better service (and/or product) to its stakeholders should be an absolute necessity. There’s no reason why non-profits and community-based organizations shouldn’t also benefit from the same technology and tools (costs permitting). In this regard, non-profit organizations are the same in needing to stay organized, to improve efficiency and to increase productivity, all for the benefit of its grantors and community stakeholders. This is why I was excited to hear about the recent announcement by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) to partner with LawLogix, which will provide its immigration case management software EDGE to CLINIC’s expanding immigration service affiliates nationwide.

CLINIC affiliates, under the contract terms, would receive pricing discounts, training and certification programs. In addition to streamlining the consultation process so that affiliates can track and report any and all data (which can be critical reporting information to provide grantors), LawLogix’s immigration case management software EDGE allows affiliates to organize and manage the lifecycle of all its immigration cases, from initial consultation, completing questionnaires, preparing forms, filing, billing, tracking priority dates, and much more in a paperless and secure system. Affiliates can also set notifications for deadlines and court dates and set advance reminders.  (Affiliates can visit the dedicated page here.) With numerous immigration attorneys and accredited BIA representatives authorized to provide immigration assistance, CLINIC affiliates play a critical role in providing immigrants with reputable and trustworthy immigration assistance, a mission that aligns well with LawLogix’ pledge to only sell its software to immigration attorneys and accredited BIA representatives. LawLogix is the only immigration case management software company to partner with a non-profit organization the size and caliber of CLINIC, a sign of the commitment between both organizations to bring value to their stakeholders and to the community. This is definitely a win for everybody!