Immigration Case Management: Beyond Forms and Expirations

Law firms, organizations and companies looking for immigration software call the LawLogix sales line constantly with two fundamental questions (OK, three really, but I’m not counting the usual “how much does it cost”). Caller:   Do you have updated forms. That’s really all I need. Me:        Why, as a matter of fact, yes we do. Caller:   Ok, good. How about managing deadlines? We have lots of those in immigration. Me:        Well, we have lots of ways of tracking them, so you bet. While I treasure these exchanges (they actually vary quite a bit, but usually along these same lines), what most people are not asking, and what they should be asking, is what ELSE do you have to offer to help with my crazy days and sleepless nights spent worrying about my cases? Regardless, I will most likely invite these individuals to a live demonstration of the EDGE immigration case management system.  And as we make our way through the system, I can usually sense that a light bulb has just turned on (somewhere out there over the Internet).  What these attorneys discover is that EDGE can actually replace more than just your forms program and to-do list; it can quite effectively manage your entire day.  It’s easy to see why this can be a revelation. Immigration attorneys are extremely busy people, and most don’t realize that they are duplicating information (and effort) in an endless sea of software applications.  For example, a law firm can come to LawLogix using Outlook for their reminders and emails, a paper calendar for meetings, a hard copy file for all the supporting documents, a contact manager for addresses, Excel for recording case status, etc.  Wow, that’s a lot to keep track of! How nice would it be to replace the myriad of technologies with just one integrated application – EDGE? Not only does EDGE combine all daily activities into one secure place, that place becomes transparent to everyone within the law firm, making it extremely easy for ANY one person within your firm to quickly pick up where another left off.  Equally important is the ability to track and report on those action items.  This alone should win over your staff when implementing EDGE, allowing you to take a day off with the comfort in mind that the office will not fall apart without you being on speed dial. Another strange phenomenon that happens when I get these desperate calls for help is the unwillingness to tell me what you are currently using.  Don’t be embarrassed!  Tell me – I’ve heard it all, and I am here to help to solve your immigration software problems.  We’ll talk about your current setup, the types of cases you handle, and the challenges that you face in today’s economy. Above all else, we’ll strategize how you can gather all of the various bits of information floating in your office, and put it in one nicely organized spot – the LawLogix EDGE solution. Want to learn more about the time saving features within the LawLogix EDGE case management system?  Current EDGE clients can contact Customer Support here or by calling us at 602-357-4240 ext. 2 for complete details.  New clients interested in learning more about the LawLogix EDGE system can contact us here or call 602-357-4240 ext. 1.  Also, please visit our website at for general information.