I-9 Self-Auditing 101: Detecting and Fixing Past I-9 Mistakes

Do you need to correct a mistake on an employee’s Form I-9, but you are worried you will make matters worse? You are not alone. Although the I-9 has a 69-page manual on how to properly complete the form, guidance on fixing past mistakes has been somewhat lacking so it’s no wonder many employers struggle with correcting compliance errors.

Watch this interactive, informative webinar and get the support you need on detecting and correcting past compliance mistakes as well as conducting a Form I-9 self-audit. Attendees can expect to learn how to evaluate and assess potential I-9 compliance risk as well as how to conduct a self-audit of their I-9s from beginning to end, including: I-9 analysis, error correction procedures, communication protocols, managing timelines and more:

  • Learn how to evaluate and assess potential I-9 compliance risk based on the government’s current rules relating to substantive and procedural violations.
  • Hear more about recent cases and outcomes involving Form I-9 compliance penalties.
    Understand the latest guidance on correcting past I-9 compliance mistakes, including specific auditing procedures, rules, and options.
  • Discover best practice policies and procedures to conduct an internal Form I-9 self-audit from start to finish in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Find out the answers to employers most frequently asked questions regarding recognizing and correcting past compliance mistakes.
  • Realize how you can quickly and easily create perfectly prepared electronic Form I-9s for every employee – and with fewer errors
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