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I-9 Audit Update (January 2022)

For many years, Form I-9 fines and penalties were rather minuscule (all things considered), with employers typically being charged anywhere from $110 to $1,100 per form for I-9 infractions.

Nowadays, the fine amounts can be quite eye-popping, thanks to a rule that increases monetary penalties across the board on an annual basis to account for inflation.

How bad can the fines get? Most I-9 fines are kept private, but occasionally we learn about a few investigations when an employer decides to litigate. Check out my video below for a quick update on three I-9 penalty cases under review by the court as well as a few best practices.

Special thanks to attorney Bruce Buchanan whose recent blog inspired this video.

About John Fay

John Fay is an immigration attorney and technologist with a deep applied knowledge of I-9 compliance and E-Verify rules and procedures. During his career, John has advised human resource managers and executives on a wide variety of corporate immigration compliance issues, including the implementation of electronic I-9 systems. In his current role, John serves as President at the LawLogix division of Hyland Software, Inc., where he oversees all aspects of the division’s operations and provides strategic leadership and direction in the development and support of Form I-9, E-Verify, and immigration case management software solutions.

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