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Many of 2020’s accelerated digital strategies are rapidly evolving to meet the digital-first needs of 2021 and beyond. But as the world attempts to get back to ‘normal’, one strategy that continues to be top of mind for HR is Working from Home and how to best onboard new hires that you may not ever meet! 

Hyland’s HR solutions are helping to streamline those needs including one specific government document that still requires a physical in person review. The Form I-9 is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Hyland now offers the Guardian I-9 & E-Verify Software Solution to keep your organization compliant and efficient! 

The Guardian software solution has been around since 2006 but was acquired by Hyland software as part of our ‘cloud first’ initiative.  The solution creates added efficiencies to new employee onboarding processing, reduces time costs and eliminates financial risks associated with government audits. 

Join us for this informational webinar where you’ll hear from Hyland’s product team on the vision of deploying Hyland solutions across your organization and understanding how the Guardian I-9 software can positively impact your onboarding process and help your HR team achieve compliance related goals.  Especially when it comes to remote hires! 


  • Hear from the Hyland Product Team on how Guardian fits into your employee onboarding lifecycle.
  • Learn how Guardian can impact your organization for the better.
  • Hear how Guardian fits into your digital transformation goals.
  • What is this two page government form that is overseen by three different government agencies?
  • How do I get in HR’s good graces by bringing them a solution they’ll love?
Frequently asked questions

Q: Who should attend the Info Session?

We encourage members of your organization responsible for your Hyland solution and relationship to attend as well as your HR team members responsible for (but not limited to) hiring and onboarding new employees, reviewing compliance, overseeing immigration and HRIS team members. 

Q: What if we are not currently using any existing Hyland HR solution?

The content will be applicable to all organizations and the topic of I-9s is a great introduction to all of the HR solutions that Hyland has to offer.  Form I-9 is a federally mandated requirement  so if you don’t use any existing Hyland HR solution you’ll learn best practices that you can implement right away.   

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